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Manila Improv Fest

Feelin' the freedom
By Nico Erle Ciriaco

Aptly, this year's edition of the Manila Improv Festival opened with the poem/soliloquy entitled "Feel the Freedom." The night took on a polotical color when repartees and banters hinted at personalities and affairs of the state.

The Lion City's trio, ASAP, played out a 'dramatic' rendition of a soap opera they titled "Breakfast in the City," coining the title from Audrey Hepburn's movie and Sarah Jessica Parker's TV series though the narrative was not about any of the aforementioned productions.

Improvmafia, a duo from the Land Down Under, regaled the audience with vignettes tackling familial issues and domestic affairs. While Gabe Mercado and the SPIT ensemble presented a beauty pageant segment that they dubbed "Miss Fish," where cast members ingeniously weaved marine and maritime issues into their spiels. The group's quick-witted lines simply brought the house down.

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