Pascual Laboratories

Lucy Torres is Pascual Lab's brand ambassador
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Pharmaceutical company Pascual Laboratories introduced their first corporate ambassador in the person of TV host-turned-congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez through an intimate sit-down media luncheon at the posh Enchante restaurant in Oakwood Premier Joy`Nostalg Center. Lucy's own personal lifestyle is the perfect embodiment of the pharmaceutical company's belief and philosophy, as summed up in the tag-line: passion for health, love for life. A quick glance at the sleek and svelte frame of the lady solon will immediately tell you that health and wellness are indeed top priorities in the life of this celebrity homemaker, mother and elected lawmaker of her home province in Leyte.
The role of brand ambassador is something that Lucy takes very seriously. “Before I represent a brand, I must really believe in it. To me, it's more than an endorsement, it's a partnership. And with Pascual Lab, there was no doubt in my mind that that is a company I wanted to be a part of.”
Unlike other players in the industry, Pascual Lab regularly expands and diversifies its product offerings as needed. This stems from the company's sincere and deep-rooted passion for health care. For them, it simply isn't a matter of developing labels that work, but about providing consumers with products that have added value and are unlike any other in the market. “As a consumer myself, I can assert that Pascual Lab recognizes and understands my needs because they are able to provide me with better choices in terms of health care products. For example, I personally love OraCare. Not only is it effective, but it does not contain alcohol and therefore has no sting. I always have a bottle in my bag wherever I go, although I keep telling my friend Mia they should produce a chewing gum version.”
OraCare mouth rinse gets rid of strong mouth odors without the sting. Its no-alcohol formulation keeps the mouth's natural moisture. In addition, it's refreshing peppermint coolness makes every gargling experience pleasurable. It is also gentle enough for the mouth's sensitive and delicate tissues, so you can use it as often as needed. It contains Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide, a revolutionary compound that gets rid of strong odors all over the mouth.
When asked what made her take on the responsibility of representing one of the country's leading pharmaceuticals, Lucy recalls her experience visiting the Pascual Lab for the first time, together with Mia Pascual-Cenzon. “I was immediately impressed by the happy working environment that I saw there. I could tell that their workers were treated well and that family time was held with high regard. I have always been a firm believer that no amount of success can compensate for failure in the home.”
Perhaps another reason the partnership between Lucy and Pascual Lab is such a perfect fit lies in the former's penchant for organic alternatives. Born and raised in the quaint city of Ormoc, Lucy is no stranger to the wonders of natural remedies. “Where I am from, everything is home-made and handmade. So I'm glad that Pascual Lab offers a range of natural products like Ascof Lagundi, which is the country's first natural cough medicine. I don't have to worry about side effects and I know it's safe for the whole family to use.”
Ascof Lagundi tablet & syrup formulations are the only extensively researched and clinically-proven natural medicine for cough and asthma in the Philippines. Made entirely from Lagundi leaves, which were nurtured organically in 42-hectare quality-certified farm in Sta. Rosa, Nueva Ecija and untainted by synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Having no known contraindications, there were also no reported side effects in the clinical trials for the syrup. It relieves cough through a 3-way alis-ubo action: as bronchodilator, mucolytic and anti-histamine.
We even got to enjoy throughout lunch the natural goodness of the Lagundi leaves through the iced tea that was made from it. The company-owned LAC Farm from which the freshly-plucked leaves were sourced, like Pascual Lab, turned 64 this year.
For the past 6 decades, the great success of Pascual Lab can be attributed to the company's commitment to service, be it to the Filipino consumers or to the hundreds of workers under its employ. At Pascual Lab, each employee is made to feel like part of a big extended family. And with a company mission as noble as providing more Filipinos access to quality yet affordable medicines, it is easy to see that its solid values keep the company thriving through continuous innovations.
“This entire campaign started with Lucy writing in her newspaper column about how her late grandmother taught her how to use Betadine Feminine wash. Eventually, she became its endorser. Before long, she was ASCOF's spokesperson. One thing just led to another until, ultimately, she became our corporate endorser,” revealed director for corporate communications Mia Pascual-Cenzon.
With someone like Lucy putting a premium to the company's campaign slogan, 'Passion for health, Love for life,' it is definitely worth listening to. To prove that she's a disciple of the mantra, Lucy went out of her way to prepare the dessert for our media luncheon, Banana Cake with C-Lium Fiber, that she tediously prepared the night before.
C-Lium helps one stay healthy and youthful. With up to 14 times more natural fiber than oatmeal and cereal, it promotes a healthy digestive system, eliminates excess cholesterol and fats as well as lowers blood sugar levels. Made from a hundred percent psyllium husk, it is probably the best source of of dietary fiber in the world. “I take everything right from the heart. My parents have taught me to be guided by my instincts always. Pascual Lab's campaign is in step with who I am: natural goes first! Many things may have been compromised but it doesn't have to include our lives; we simply have to strike a balance. In the end, health is really wealth,” declared Lucy at the close of our colloquy.
For more information on Pascual Lab's extensive line of products and its more than 300 labels, simply visit their Web site


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