Goin' Wireless

Logitech's exciting Easter deals
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

School days are over and summertime has officially set in! No more classes and no more books to read. For students, this means no more research papers, homeworks or projects to make, and periodic examinations to prepare for. Just more time to spend on their computers and Internet browsing for fun and games. This Easter season, Swiss-label Logitech is offering up to 25 percent markdown on their wireless peripherals. That's a quarter of savings from actual cost!
For those who spend most of their time in front of computers (students and professionals alike) would agree that one less cord to unplug and store is something to look forward to. Less clutter and more energy savings. Thus, Logitech brings the option of going totally wireless.
Let's begin with the most used accessory – the mouse. Now, you can opt for one sans the wires. The classic Wireless Mouse M505 uses laser tracking for more precise clicks. It works up to 10 meters so you don't always have to get up close and personal especially for Powerpoint presentations. Its barely-noticeable unifying receiver could be left plugged in your laptop or computer and with 15 months of battery life, this device gives you the ultimate in portability.
The Anywhere Mouse M905, on the other hand, doesn't need a special surface for you to work on as it tracks anywhere even on glass tables with Logitech's latest innovation, the Darkfield Laser Tracking system. To track on glass, Darkfield uses the technology from dark field microscopy to detect microscopic particles and micro-scratches on these surfaces, rather than tracking the surface itself. The sculpted and compact design makes it a hip accessory that's easy to share, especially when traveling. The back and forward thumb buttons provides hyper-fast scrolling through long documents and Web pages.
And then there's the Wireless Desktop MK320, a keyboard and mouse combination, that features connectivity within a 10-meter radius; best for using large monitors. The comfortable keyboard and carry-around mouse are both powered by long-lasting batteries. The keyboard includes instant access to hot keys for videos, music and other applications.
Space in workstations is a rare commodity these days so if you're cramped up on much-needed working area, the Wireless Keyboard K340 is for you. Its space-saving design with a full-sized layout and number pad makes it easier to work in comfort. And its low profile provides a more natural position for the hands and wrists. The unifying receiver that comes with it enables you to add a compatible wireless mouse or even another keyboard. After the workday ends, the keyboard can be stored away. With up to three years of battery life, you don't even have to change it; minimizing the environmental waste that comes with disposal of used batteries.
If you're one who's constantly writing, the Wireless Keyboard K350 is for you. Its wave design with Constant Curve layout conforms naturally to your fingers for the right position in typing. The cushioned palm rest provides extra comfort between continuous typing. A battery indicator light lets you know how much charge you have left, but with up to three years of battery life, there is almost no need to.
And for those audio-visual presentations, make your point with the Wireless Presenter. Featuring intuitive slideshow controls, there's no need to look down on the gadget while doing your presentation as the buttons are easy to find by touch. The red laser pointer with LED indicator guides your audience on your points of emphases. And with up to 50 feet of connectivity, you don't always have to stay in front of the audience.
Logitech has come a long way since manufacturing mice in the 1980s. Today, the company carries the most number of wired and wireless computer peripherals including webcams, speakers, remote controls and other laptop accessories such as cooling pads.
Simply dubbed “Upgrade to Wireless,” this promotion runs for the entire month of April. The slashed-down pricing is available at all Complink, Datacore/PC Gadget, Octagon, PC Express, PC Worx, Silicon Valley Computers, Villman, TCA, PCQuickbuys, and Thinking Tools outlets nationwide.


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