Forever 21 Flagship Store (SM Megamall)

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By Earl D. C. Bracamonte

Shopping gets more exciting for the metro's stylish set as Forever 21 (F21) opened its flagship store at the 2nd level of SM Megamall's Building A. This is the famous American clothing chain's first outlet in the Philippines.
One of the fastest growing and most successful apparel lines, F21 has quickly become the source of the latest fashion trends at the greatest value. After initially opening in Los Angeles in 1984 as Fashion 21, the store has since become a style destination to fashion-forward shoppers. Eventually changing its name to Forever 21, the chain has now 480 stores in operation all over the United States and around the globe.
“F21 came to the Philippines because lots of Filipinos abroad who shop in our stores wanted to have the brand brought into the country for the benefit of other Pinoys who are not fortunate enough to travel to the US. That's the key to our move into Manila,” informed executive VP Larry Meyer.
The 2,800-sq-m outlet at SM Megamall has a fashion-packed selling area that is bright and elegant. The glass windows display an attention-grabbing sneak peek at the store's exciting merchandise. Opulent chandeliers, ornate moldings and fixtures, eclectic furnishings and décor, and attractive murals mix old world charm and elegance with a fresh modern day look.
As shoppers navigate inside the store, subtle changes in design elements transport them seamlessly to the different areas in the store housing the different F21 looks and sub-brands. Beautifully styled mannequins and attractive focal displays inspire shoppers and keep their fashion imagination running while they shop.
F21 is young, fun and full of ebullience with diverse styles attractive to anyone and everyone, regardless of age. Here, you find colorful, vibrant basics and neutral closet staple; as well as fun, flirty resort wear and sporty, athletic pieces.
“Forever 21 is, simply put, fashion for less. It's SM's way of continuously moving on; always bringing something new as the country's No. 1 retail store. We have everything from teens to women of all ages. We have six different concepts – Twelve by Twelve, Love 21, Heritage 21, 21 Men, Forever 21 and For Love – so we do not cannibalize our tenants. The per-room concept is identical worldwide: it looks the same whichever F21 store you visit. Our inventory pretty much covers everything; from basics to trendy items with lots of assortment that changes weekly. Plus, all the collections are overhauled every six weeks. So if you see something you love, better get it or you may not find it in your next visit,” enthused Dixie Gene Li, F21's Philippine business unit head.
The black-and-white checkered floor by the For Love 21 area embellishes the chic fashion-forward accessory section. The overall ambiance enhances the exciting assortment of up-to-the-minute fashion choices, as well as creates a memorable shopping experience.
With a fast turnover of inventory that reflects the ever-changing moods of fashion, the Megamall outlet features merchandise and four other concepts: Twelve by Twelve, Heritage 1981, Love 21 and 21 Men, which style-conscious and trend-savvy shoppers can mix, match and love.
Twelve by Twelve is all about cocktail chic and evening glam. Elegantly located in a bold pink area with pink mannequins showing off the latest style, this section is couture-inspired and captures the exuberance of the catwalk. Fashion-savvy shoppers can choose between feminine pieces with lace, floral beads, and other glam detailing as well as edgy glam-rock pieces.
Heritage 1981, on the other hand, is an ageless brand that mixes timeless basics, collegiate, vintage-inspired designs, and a splash of the newest trends, bringing together natural beauty and adventurousness. With its Coachella Music Festival inspired clothes, this section is youthful, modern and care-free. It is designed for those who love to mix the old with the new.
Love 21 is designed for the sophisticated F21 women. Distinguished by its elevated fabric construction, trims and cuts, pieces from this section are contemporary, polished, and preppie with a twist; while 21 Men is for the contemporary man of style. With its versatile range of classic, casual and urban clothes and accessories, this collection is for guys of all ages.
With a bit of mix & match magic, fashionistas can also go wild on prints – from different floral renderings to smart stripes. Colors range from subtle to bold, with some neon on the side. It's a totally eclectic mix of looks ranging from Southwestern and Navajo-inspired denim and eyelet pieces; to tribal ethnic expressions featuring Aztec and ikat prints, tie-dyes, and embroideries; and feminine Parisian looks with tutus paired with logo tees. There are deconstructed and textured pieces for a rugged rebel look, enhanced by camouflages, cut-outs and grommets.
Whatever your fashion persuasion may be, F21 has got you fully covered. For more information, simply get in touch with Jane Kingsu-Cheng through mobile # 0917-5525722.


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