Bistro Miyake

Casual Japanese Dining in the City
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Lovers of nouvelle cuisine would be delighted to stumble upon a restaurant-cum-bar along the more sedate side of Annapolis Street in Greenhills. With an inviting al fresco area, the interiors are decked in Zen fashion. Even the accoutrements reflect the design movement unto its table appointments. It's a tastefully put-together concept in food and music that those who've discovered this dining place and watering hole have found themselves coming back time and again.
For appetizers, munch in on the real goodness of their Bacon Asparagus Roll, a favorite amongst its wide selection of 'Zensai in the City' fare. Asparagus tips are wrapped in bacon strips then grilled with teriyaki sauce. You'll savor the melding of tender meat crunch with suucculent green sprouts and its peculiar sweetish marinade.
And since their cuisine is predominantly Japanese, never leave the place without sampling one or two of their delectable sushi and sashimi concoctions. I recommend their California Maki rolls with ripe mangoes, kani slices and cucumber bits coated with shrimp roe. There's also the Master's Maki platter with ebi tempura rolls topped with unagi and Japanese mayo. For variation, opt for the Rock & Roll dish of California Maki with slices of unagi (fresh eel) thrown in. For sashimi lovers, go for their version of uni (sea urchin) sashimi that's tastefully proffered on scooped out cucumber shells. Mouth-watering!
“Everything is served fresh here. Kitchen ingredients are purchased daily. I don't stock supplies and neither do I go for commissary storing. We pride ourselves on the meticulous care we put into our every dish. An example would be our Kikkoman sauce that we source only from Japan. Another novel thing is our sauces because everything is made from scratch and not from pre-mixed products,” apprized enthusiastic gourmet and restaurateur Jhoe Kalaw.
Gaga over game? If you are, then, savor their Chicken Teriyaki, the bestseller in their comprehensive menu listings. Leg quarter fillets are grilled to perfection and served with crisp vegetable sidings. Simply delicious!
“Very few people know about us so we want to broaden our client base that people from all over the metro gets to taste our sumptuous dishes. Our chef is Japan-trained, having extensive stints with the Furusato restaurant chain. So you're assured of the quality of our food. We've turned one year this month and we look forward to many years more. We have plans to branch out within year's end somewhere towards the south, maybe in Makati City,” added Jhoe.
A family enterprise, Jhoe's eldest son, Tyke, is busy helming the reins to the burgeoning venture. A graduate of the University of Hawaii, the 27-year-old bachelor is agog on ideas on how to make their establishment even more attractive to diners.
And for the piece-de-resistance, immerse your palate in the rare delectability of their Hamachi Kama dish. A joyful fish plate of hamachi jaw grilled 'shioyaki' style and served with grated radish and ponzu sauce. You'll savor each morsel to the last bite. Yummy!
Lunch hour is from 11 in the morning 'til 3 in the afternoon while dinner is served from 5 PM 'til 10 in the evening. “We're working on our new expanded menu. The new items are culled from Asian cooking ideas from all over. We'll soon launch our eat-all-you-can promo during lunch and dinnertime,” informed outlet manager Tyke Kalaw.
Bar Nights take on a thematic note from mid-week 'til the weekend, starting at 10:30 in the evening until 3 AM. Wednesdays is an acoustic chill-out party; Thursdays is open-mic nights wherein diners can jam to an acoustic guitar and belt out their blues away; Fridays turn the place into a virtual discotheque as '80s music escalate the dance fever; while Saturdays cap the weekend party fever with cool lounge music.
So whether you're in a dining or wining mood, or both, check out Bistro Miyake along Annapolis Street in Greenhills. Their cozy outlet is right next to the Atlanta Center building. Check out their latest buffet spread offerings and new fares at


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