Swarovski Annual Edition 2011

Year of the Polar Bear
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

“Supporting social and environmental projects is the
obligation of a responsible company.”
- Daniel Swarovski (1862-1956)

As a yearly commemoration, Rustan's presented Swarovski's Annual Edition through an intimate event recently. Austrian Ambassador Wilhelm Donko formally unveiled 2011's limited edition piece – Siku, the Polar Bear – before members of the Swarovski Crystal Society (SCS) and the smattering of crystal enthusiasts who were present during the soiree.
The SCS looks to the Arctic this year, and in the depths of the harshest and most uninhabitable of lands finds Siku, the magnificent Polar Bear. Translated from the Inuit word for 'ice,' Siku glows majestic lines; evoking strong emotion. With this sparkling, expressive and sophisticated sculpture in cut crystal, Swarovski has distilled the very essence of such an appealing and well-loved denizen from the Arctic Ocean.
In a continuing effort to give their support to endangered animal species, Swarovski pays homage to the endearing Polar Bear 'Siku.' Its beauty has been captured in a crystal sculpture with finely cut facets, enhancing sparkle and incomparable shine. Accompanying Siku in 2011, and creating an endearing polar bear family, are two sets of lovable cubs: one set crafted in the same color as Siku; and the other in the more intense hue of white opal.
Designed by Anton Hirzinger, the Annual Edition 2011 as well as the pair of cubs (available separately) are formed from faceted moonlight crystal with eyes and nose in Jet Crystal. The entire edition comes with a title plaque in faceted crystal with AB coating.
The 2011 Annual Edition reaffirms Swarovski's long-standing link with water. Not only is this precious resource essential to the polishing technique that gives its creations their eye-catching and unique finish , it is also at the heart of the Swarovski Water School program in Austria. Uganda, China and India.
This environmental effort is dedicated to teaching children of the world's most challenged nations about the sustainable management of water. Thus, purchasing SCS Annual Editions makes a tremendous contribution to the implementation of this project that addresses issues on global warming and climate change.
Founded by Swarovski in 1987, the SCS is now the world's largest association of collectors. It boasts close to 325,000 members from 130 countries, brought together by the love of crystal, craftsmanship and creativity.
An SCS membership opens up exclusive access to the world of Swarovski, bringing the wonder of crystal even closer to the most passionate of collectors and crystal enthusiasts. The SCS organizes events, trips and a host of get-togethers for its members, who also receive a dedictaed Swarovski magazine/catalogue quarterly, and enjoy access to a special area on the company Web site: www.swarovski.com/SCSpolarbear.
Swarovski is exclusively available at Rustan's Makati, Shangri-La Plaza, Alabang and Gateway. Check out the display at Rustan's Makati that's tastefully encased in a crystal jungle.
Enthusiasts from Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines can email customer_relations.sg@swarovski.com.


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