ONE Naturales

Maintaining beauty the natural way
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

The sun's UV rays, especially in the hours between 10 am 'til 3 pm, can cause severe damage to the skin. And when you exacerbate this with the use of wrong beauty products, you actually hasten the aging of your skin.
For pharmacist-entrepreneur Charade Galang, it's all about going back to the basics of personal care, opting for natural solutions without the compromises – whether it comes to the benefits they give or the price you have to pay. “Our skin, being the largest organ of the body, is our protection from external and harmful agents so it needs to be nourished well to be able to provide the optimal efficiency in accomplishing its purpose of protecting our inner systems.
“Many believe that being beautiful requires a lot of effort and money, but then many also aspire to be beautiful without wanting to compromise both quality and affordability,” says the trained chemist, who has successfully met the challenge of uniting the dichotomy between the prevailing mindset and what we really want through her creation of the ONE Naturales label, an exclusive brand of Watsons.
ONE, as brand acronym, stands for organic, natural and eco-friendly. It consists of personal care and beauty products that offer natural luxury; letting consumers bring home the experience of nature's benefits, presented in formulations that deliver optimal results.
“We created the products using the best combinations of naturally-sourced ingredients and organic extracts, exudates, purees, and essential oils at high levels. The main difference of ONE Naturales with similar products is its formula that's fortified by the use of huge amounts of carefully selected high-value natural and organic ingredients.”
When Charade started formulating beauty soaps several years back, she didn't foresee that she'd eventually leave her managerial position at a top international fashion retail chain to concentrate on her first love: experimenting with beauty concoctions.
The trained pharmacist, after all, got into the soap business, initially, because she wanted to have additional income to keep up with the lifestyle demands of her line of work. The overwhelming success of her initial foray prompted her to finally concentrate on her business and make it grow even bigger.
This success stems from the meticulous care she applies in coming up with the right formulations that synthesizes two important things that consumers are constantly on the lookout for: quality and price. As a woman of Science, she knows which ingredients will work best. And as a consumer herself, she knows that affordability is very essential.
Unbeknownst to many, Charade is actually the product designer behind the brand Glorious Skin, a line of best-selling soaps that she herself not only formulated and produced but actually uses. “People would always comment on how good my skin is, so they would start trying my products on themselves and would be greatly satisfied with the benefits they give at such an affordable price point.
“There are beauty companies that charge such a high price for products that either scrimp on essential ingredients or add unnecessary ones just for claiming. To be able to operate well, they tend to fund their bloated marketing expenses for advertising and media campaign to the detriment of the end user. This would eventually affect their formulations since they would be limiting their budget on the cost of goods, and result to the use of more stable & volume-dictated cost, readily available, more aesthetically-sourced ingredients that are more costly, hard to predict in color and state due to seasonal harvesting and other climatic changes.”
This winning marriage of quality and price eventually led to the realization of every small business owner's dream: being picked up by an international retail chain and commissioned to come up with an exclusive brand for them. Thus, the nascence of ONE Naturales for Watsons.
The brand's product range includes body soaps, solid shampoos, moisturizers, skin bar conditioners, body butter, lip balms, hair conditioners, and lotion massage bars. “All ONE Naturales soaps are meticulously made by hand, while the other products are manufactured using the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for manufacturing facilities implemented by government regulatory agencies worldwide. They are made in a highly-regulated GMP-compliant, first-class facility in China which also manufactures for global brands from Western countries.
“Exposing our skin to products that have conscious efforts to reduce chemical agents would retard skin aging, discoloration and stress-related problems. This is why we formulated ONE Naturales using high amounts of natural and organic ingredients that act both as main base as well as active ingredients. They bombard the skin with nourishment since all the extracts and natural oils used have high affinity to the skin; and with continued use, would be just like feeding the skin more food than junk.”
The material sources used in ONE Naturales products are carefully selected and procured from different countries worldwide where the specific ingredients are endemic to the place and have passed the international standards and parameters for acceptance. They are cultivated and harvested yielding the highest concentrations.
“ONE Naturales products have the least possible chemical agents that are not skin-friendly and are appropriately used to maintain their quality during the entirety of their shelf lives. These chemicals have been declared acceptable by global regulatory agencies for their safety and applicability for prolonged use and frequent exposure. They also don't accumulate or create skin deposits that would consequently turn into a health hazard.”

Keeping true to its name, ONE Naturales has likewise packaged its products in environment-friendly materials. They come in either recyclable tins or recycled paper; and never in plastic receptacles.
“The use of naturally-sourced materials not only helps us rid of toxins but also improves our environment because there will be less toxins to flush in our baths. Likewise, all One Naturales packaging are made from recyclable materials.”
Explaining the science behind ONE Naturales, Charade says that, “Natural ingredients result to natural beauty.”
This year, One Naturales introduces its cosmetic products and advance skin care systems. “We will be in the global stores of Watsons within the year and we hope to be the brand of choice for people who are conscious of what they use on their bodies and how it contributes to the care of our planet. I hope this product line turns things around for the better,” informed Charade at the close of our colloquy.


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