Beauty Within

Life in your new cocoon
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Watsons and SM Department Store's beauty section launches its new concept: Beauty Within, a plethora of products and potions geared towards women's well-being. From topical to ingestives, SM's beauty section has got it all. “We've upgraded our stores for the past two years. We want to provide nothing but the best,” declared Robert Sun, COO of Watsons Phils, during a recent launch at SM Makati.
Gone are the days when women shoppers needed to make separate trips to various stores for each beauty and/or health need. From potions and cosmetics to pharmaceuticals and ingestives, Watsons have made them all available; allowing every woman to enjoy the total benefits of skin & body health, inside and out, all within the confines of a single shop.
The cocoon, the symbol of new life, is the juxtaposition in this exciting new concept wherein what is ageing and old is given a breathe of new hope and new life. Consistent with the campaign's theme of transformation is the birth of beauty advisors who'll serve as the informed voice toward reaching enlightened individual choices.
Women have to know what their health and beauty needs are and what answers those needs. At Watsons, every woman has the convenience of beauty advisors who offer pointers in choosing the right product to complete her journey to a total skin & body metamorphosis.
Change is constant. The seasons change: spring beckons summer, and after fall comes winter. Our surroundings change; from barren land sprout high-rise developments and skyscrapers. These vicissitudes happen every moment of our lives. Even our body changes: our life's stages begin from birth to childhood, teenage unto adulthood, and eventually old age. You can't stop ageing. But you can slow down its onset and effects; from the outside and, most especially, from the inside.
Having a daily skin regimen and exercise routine are already a great way to enhance a woman's holistic beauty. However, topical products can only go to a certain depth into the skin's layer. Even with today's revolutionary skin-penetrating formulations, end users only get topical ingredients to permeate to just about 20 percent of the epidermis, leaving the 80 percent of the dermis having to be fed from the inside. “The skin is the largest organ of our bodies and it has many functions; one of which is protection from the sun. It also gives us attraction. The condition of our hair, skin and nails reflect what's inside our bodies. It reflects our inner health. Vitamins and minerals improve the way we look. By ingesting supplements with vitamins and minerals that support healthy skin and bodies, we're giving health brands that make the entire skin & body systems their concern, a chance to help renew our systems. We need Vit. A for cell reproduction, Vit. B5 to help moisturize our skin, Vit. E and Selenium as maintenance against free radicals that are produced from stress, pollution and bad diet. Anti-oxidants fight all these before diseases could set in. Transformation should come from within. The skin renews every 5 to 7 weeks. It takes 3 months for the skin to show changes so we have to be patient,” enthused Dr. Ma. Angela Cumagun, UST's Head of Dermatology.
This new store concept, made more relevant with the introduction of beauty advisors, will help extol the virtues of commercial brands like Myra 400-E, Mosbeau, Belo Nutraceuticals, Cosmo Skin, MET Glutathione, Xenecal, skin enhancers, ingestives and a whole lot more.
“Ingestives are beauty supplements. By taking supplements orally, the necessary nutrients reach into the inner as well as outer skin layers from within. Thus, the expected outcomes like renewing cells, fighting free radicals as well as boosting the immune system can be felt and seen,” pointed out Dr. Cumagun, one of the few practicing Board-certified professionals, who holds clinic at the Beverly Hills 6750 aesthetic center.
Taking in supplements boosts a woman's skin and body; letting her enjoy the full benefits of her daily regimen and routine, living life to the fullest while others marvel at her new-found self.
With SM Dept. Store's Beauty Section now offering an entire spectrum of beauty ingestives, women can now unravel more versions of the beauty that's been hidden inside for so long. It's high time the beauty that lies within be unleashed.
“Watson's, your beauty one-stop shop, takes care of all these moments in your life. Like a chrysalis waiting to be reborn, Watson's pampers you every step of the way: from cleansing, hydrating, exfoliating, maintaining, and even to your inner selves. SM Beauty Section believes that beauty is not just on the outside. It can be enhanced from with so much faster and with remarkable results. Watsons is the only name that makes sure you come out of your cocoon, beautiful and new! At Beauty Within too, every woman has the convenience of beauty advisors who'll help in offering pointers to choosing the right journey for your total skin & body transformation. They'll guide you unto which one is right for your aesthetic preference; then you decide. And the best time to do that is now! After all, Watson's is the beauty store that has it all. At every SM Beauty Section, you'll find all the answers your body needs'” enthused Watsons health business unit director Lyle Morell, at the conclusion of the launching ceremonies.
For more information, simply visit any SM Beauty Section and/or any Watsons outlet at a mall near you. For details, simply visit their Web site


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