Puma Wristwatches

Time for the 'Big Cat'
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

“The DNA of Puma is fashion.”
Jeremie Panattier

The new Puma watch collection is a blend of sport and lifestyle. Combining form and function, the latest collection boasts of styles that go 24/7 from working out to hanging out. The new designs are complemented with lap counters, countdown timers, even heart monitors; as well as functions that include touch screen calculators and dual time zones. New styles like the Camber and the Glide show design innovation in their sleek minimal appearance, while the colorful and popular Loop and Slide make a comeback in new colorful ways.
“We` are the pioneers of modern wrist design. This perspective is new to the world of watches and will set us apart from the magnitude of lifestyle watch brands. In the same spirit, as in footwear and apparel, we will be going all the way to set new standards. We are breaking away from long-standing conventions of this segment, blowing the dust off traditional watch making,” enthused Swiss national Jeremie Panattier, Puma Time's product manager for Asia and the Pacific.
The concept of the calculator watch makes us reminisce about happy times in the '80s. Inspired by this concept, Puma Time created an innovative approach using touch screen technology for a modern, sleek design. In addition to the basic calculator functions, the Calculus watch also features a chronograph, alarm, EL backlight and flexible polyurethane band in black, neon yellow and purple. Wheteher it is used to compute homework equations or help keep score amongst friends, you can easily count on it, time and again.
“We believe a watch is only as good as it looks. It is a fashion item rather than a technical device to measure time. Great design has become part of our everyday life, increasing the expectations of consumers everywhere. Therefore design is paramount in everything we do.”
The collection wouldn't be complete without its signature bursts of color. Hues of light purple, aubergine, teal and pink with traces of yellow round out the assortment of the usual black, white and gray options. Best-selling types such as the Flux, Cardiac and Pulse are now available in metallic pink, gold, silver and black, giving an updated look to some old favorites.
The Urban Mobility watches were created as the perfect companions for dynamic, sophisticated city dwellers on their fast and hectic journey through contemporary life. The innovative wrist design pieces – like the touch-screen calculators – simplify study life while the world time function helps one stay ahead when travelling around the globe.
Puma believes it's time to put the fun back into sports. It's time to remember when the joy of the game was more important than the numbers left on a scoreboard. Hang Time is thus more than time spent defying gravity, it's also moments spent with friends when the game is done. Puma brings the pure joy of sports to their design-driven timepieces. Colorful, rugged and up for anything, the German-brand timepiece is more than just a watch that tells time; offering stylish pieces meant for fun on the field or simply about town. It's an accessory telling the world that play is an essential part of life.
“We have never been about serious competition and the sheer battle for victory; seeing sports in a real fun way. Of course we love to win, but we much rather enjoy having fun doing sports, being active and looking good while we are out and loud. Though sports competition is about winning, competitions should be done in a joy-filled manner.”
Consumers won't find these watches in an ordinary watch store, but in a hip, design-oriented boutiques like L Time Studio. Maybe not all consumers will understand the most progressive designs of the Puma collection, but these will appeal to an open-minded segment especially the trend-setting Pinoys.
Puma has been the long-term partner of great racing teams like Ferrari, Red Bull and Ducati. “We take our experience from the race tracks to create distinctive looks. We mix social life with sports life into a single experience. More of a chic accessory than a watch, the Stream designs, for instance, is designed so it buckles around the wrist with its digital display facing the wearer. It features a rectangular stainless steel case, LCD display and black leather band. Its cuff styling is perfect for anyone; male or female. So if you want to turn some heads, get yourself a Puma wristwatch! Forget about watches. Think design for the wrist: functional, fashionable and rooted in the expectations of today's consumer.”
Whether elegant-modern, sporty-dynamic or sexy-feminine, the new range of Puma watches leaves nothing to be desired. “We bring joy into products through colors, edgy elements and shapes, unobtrusive details that make them playful. Our dressy collection have a prestigious feel to it, while the active sport watches employ new features as a heart rate monitor. On the other hand, our conceptual watches feature touch-screen calculators. While all these are performance watches, they're more of an accessory than something that tells time 'coz there are clocks everywhere. The Philippines is a very dynamic market as people here are always curious about new things.,” Jeremie said at the close of an intimate media huddle.


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