AXA Philippines

Opening up a world of opportunities
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

The party looked like a big bite at the Big Apple as music from the Big Band era of the ‘40s and ‘50s filled the ballroom of the Manansala Tower, reminding everyone of the glitz and glamour of the days of ‘bull runs’ and the gold rush.
The event’s highlight was a special auction where items representing companies listed in the NASDAQ 100 were put on the block for the highest bidders. The bidding was fun and fierce as host Anthony Pangilinan did a top-notch job in giving guests doses of adrenalin and excitement during the auction bidding and throughout the entire program.
It was a memorable evening. One that put the Global Advantage Fund in the spotlight as AXA Philippines introduced attendees to new markets, new opportunities and a wealth of possibilities.
“AXA Philippines created the Global Advantage Fund so that Filipinos can invest in the US stock market. It gives opportunities for local investors to gain access to a particular market. It is targeted for high net worth segments. There’s no holding period or lock up. The minimum horizon is three years. Focus is always on the long-term. You don’t speculate with investments like this as undertaking it entails a certain degree of planning. We work closely with IMDD, Metrobank’s treasury that helps with dollar-denominated bank products,” enthused product management manager Dexter Agcaoili.
“The Global Adavantage Fund is for a long-run growth potential. As the most diversified index, we tested the NASDAQ 100 in terms of returns to investment as well as on the best diversification benefit. When the Phil. Stock Exchange index is down, the NASDAQ index is most likely up. Besides, it’s always easier to monitor how your investments are doing through Bloomberg or CNBC,” Agcaoili added.
AXA Philippines offers this pioneering dollar equity fund to the high net worth market through its Global Advantage Fund program. For the first time in the Philippine insurance industry, there’s an investment-linked insurance product that taps into the high-growth investment potential of the global market.
AXA’s Dollar aXcess, a special 3GX offer, is a single premium variable life insurance product that maximizes financial gains while minimizing capital risks through the Global Advantage Fund, the first and only US dollar-denominated equity fund invested in the NASDAQ 100.
“Dollar aXcess enables high net worth clients to invest in the NASDAQ 100, a stock market index of the 100 largest non-financial companies from major industry groups such as biotechnology, computer hardware & software, retail/wholesale trade, as well as telecommunications. It’s the second largest stock exchange in the world after New York.
“Everyone wants to make a good and secure investment, especially in light of past experiences with the global economic recession. What AXA Philippines offers is the opportunity to invest in the global market with minimal risk. Through Dollar aXcess, we give high net worth clients what they need in order to grow their financial holdings attractively and safely in the long term,” elucidated chief marketing officer Amor Balagtas.
“To avail of this exclusive offer, an investor only needs a minimum, one-time premium payment of US$20,000. Dollar aXcess comes with guaranteed life insurance coverage of 125 percent of the paid premium,” she added.
The Philippines’ steep growth comes mainly from locked-in deposits and investments of the country’s growing middle class, driven by the upbeat economic condition, which has since recovered from the 2008 global snowball crisis.
“As the US market outperformed other markets around the world in 2011, there were local investors looking for a chance to ride on the upswing. However, with so much economic uncertainty happening worldwide, it was prudent to explore investment possibilities with financial partners you can trust and who gave the global expertise,” declared president and CEO Rien Hermans.
AXA Philippines is borne out of the synergy between Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co. (Metrobank), one of the country’s biggest and strongest financial institutions, and AXA, the world’s number one global insurance brand (based on the 2011 Interbrand Report). AXA, which originated in France, has global assets under management of more than 1 trillion Euros. It has presence in 57 countries, serving a global clientele of 101 million portfolios, including a few from the Philippines. Its various products and services are available in over 500 Metrobank branches nationwide serviced by 450 AXA Philippines financial executives.
“As we always say in AXA, we redefine the way we do things to serve our clients’ unique needs. We give them what they need so we are with them in exploring the potential of growing their holdings in a dynamic index,” intoned the company’s chief executive.
There are 1,500 AXA Philippines financial advisers and 26 branches country-wide to serve clients. Potential investors may access information about the AXA Wealth Management solutions through the Privilege hotline (8888-AXA), email or visit their Web site


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