Sleeping soundly with Beautyrest
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Simmons, the world’s leading premium mattress brand, brings the fully-charged sleep experience to more homes in the Philippines. Working with its new dealer, Uratex, Simmons launched its concept store at the Ronac Art Center recently. The new concept store showcases the brand’s Beautyrest series, along with other Simmons bedding accessories.
“As a firm believer that the mattress one sleeps on makes a difference with an individual’s wellness, Simmons is committed to developing superior mattresses and thus help consumers attain a better quality of sleep to live fully-charged. With our presence in San Juan, we intend to provide consumers with a chance to truly indulge in their respective beauty rest, and consequently improve their well-being,” intimated Aloysius Chew, regional general manager of Simmons (SEA) Party Limited.
With over 140 years of history in delivering quality sleep and mattresses, Simmons is the forerunner in technological innovations that includes the individually-wrapped Pocketed Coil mattress with its legendary Do-Not-Disturb benefit. It delivers unsurpassed support, maximum comfort, and greatly minimizes motion transfer; allowing for an uninterrupted night’s rest between two sleeping partners.
Every Simmons Beautyrest mattress has the ability to conform to the shape of your body to provide support while minimizing the motion transfer from nightly toss and turn while asleep to deliver an uninterrupted good night slumber. It continues to rejuvenate and refresh consumers through the introduction of its exclusive mattress models under the renowned Beautyrest product line.
Beautyrest mattresses are equipped with different layers of foams, fibers, and even natural materials like cashmere, silk, wool and memory foam on top of the pocketed coil unit. These layers add convenience and comfort to give the mattresses a special touch appeal while enhancing the cushioned feeling that you experience as you lie down.
Simmons is the preferred hospitality bedding choice amongst top hoteliers. Prestigious brands around the world such as Shangri-La and Starwood select the label as they trust only the top name in sleep to provide their guests the premium rest they deserve.
“We are glad to be associated with Simmons. With their expertise in sleep, we hope to provide a whole new refreshed and rejuvenating sleep experience that meet the consumers’ sleeping needs,” declared Bigboy Cheng, owner of the Premium Mattresses Gallery.
The Atlanta-based company entered the Singapore market in 1977. In Asia, the license to manufacture, distribute and market the products is owned by Simmons Japan, a full subsidiary of the Nifco Group. Simmons Southeast Asia (SSEA) aims to be the leading bedding company with regional dominance. SSEA has stores over seven countries in the ASEAN and South Asian regions, including the Philippines.

Driven by the passion for better sleep, SSEA strives to consequently deliver innovative products of premium quality; also

to provide a unique customer experience and overall total satisfaction to consumers, as it continues to be committed to the relentless pursuit of developing superior quality mattresses to ultimately deliver better sleep.


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