A Sojourner’s stopover
By Demi Braque

The Pinoy palate has changed its preference as far as food is concerned. Having been introduced to a number of cuisines and tastes, whether by assimilation from foreign powers or as an acquired gumption from travels across the globe, we have more adventurous taste-buds than most nationalities.
With this in mind, husband-and-wife team Bob and Violy Topacio, together with daughter Justine, opens the new Globetrotter restaurant.  
A ‘family affair’ conceived from the heart of the highly-passionate Bob, scion of the Topacio architecture and interior design mavens, he painstakingly put-together interiors and menu offerings with the help of wife and daughter as well as a doting F&B team.
“This is a spiritual enterprise so money only comes as an incidence of this undertaking. But it is never the prime consideration why we opened the place. Herein, cultures from different races can come together in equal footing.
“The resto’s name Globetrotters, has something to do with the property owner, Madame Mina Gabor, who used to sit as secretary of the Dept. of Tourism. This place will simply appeal to travelers and tourists alike. We built this venture for the everyday man; the working class or the proletariat who want to get value for their hard-earned money,” enthused  the ever-bubbly Bob, who plans to bring this concept further in the future with food trucks like those in the US.
Whet your appetite with their Fantastic Mozzarella Cheese Bombs, a melt-in-your mouth goodness that may come just cheese-filled, pesto-filled, or marinara-filled. Then follow this through with either the Banzai Tuna Wasabi Salad, a tangy salad dish of crisp greens and Romaine lettuce smothered with non-sashimi tuna and diced apples laced with Wasabi dressing; or, you may opt for the sweeter L’Amour Salad, a perfect balance of acidity and saccharine goodness in its honey-mustard dressing. The crunchy lettuce is given the right blend of cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese, and sliced eggs even without the dressing.
“Globetrotters is a good place to eat. So come inside and take a seat! Eat all you want, everything is nice. Eat some more, have more rice,” invites the couple’s very smart ten-year-old home-schooled daughter Justine. The young lass aside from being a deft artist, is also gifted with the voice of a lark and the skillful hand of a pianist and violinist.
If you're a fried rice lover, you may want to sample their Yang Chow version that's garnished with thinly sliced scrambled eggs. Game for fowl? Dig in their Wicked Fried Chicken, this crispy all-time favorite is stuffed with butter and basil. 
Meat lovers would be mightily glad when served the Super Wild Burger. This signature special is a combination of three char-grilled patties and garnished with crispy bacon strips, eggs and cheese with a special condiment dip for a flavorful punch. Another sandwich must-try is the Spectacular Burger Carnival, a slightly sweet and hot burger blast with mango chutney and bleu cheese for an unexpected twist.
One-dish-meal and rice toppings lovers would relish the flavorful Vicious Shrimp Tempura Platter, with its succulent prawns batter-fried to perfection served pile-high atop Japanese fried rice. Fab and filling! If you want a little zing and spice on your fish dish, try their Poseidon Adventure; that's succulent salmon fillet pan-fried with capers, tomatoes and butter sauce.
And for sweet endings, you can either enjoy the caramelized Banana A-Go-Go by your lonesome or share a platter of delectable Explosive Turon a la Mode with a friend or two. The latter option, laced with langka and peanut butter comes with scoops of vanilla ice cream. Whatever you choose, your dessert goes best with their brewed coffee.
Those seeking the wellness trail would be delighted to know that Globetrotters could be the ultimate destination they have been looking for. Something precious can often be missed in the seeking. “If you come upon us by chance, well then, you would understand that you too were highlighted by the nature of our trade-name; or perhaps, enthralled by the idea of a surprise adventure in a new place!”
Six refreshing smoothies await the health conscious. Options include the Super Fuel (watermelon, apple, mango and banana), Cleanser (pineapple, papaya, oatmeal and mango), Pain Remover (watermelon, apple, cucumber and ginger), Cancer Buster (pineapple, apple, cucumber and carrots), Go-Green Stabilizer (watermelon, cucumber, oatmeal and spinach) and the OM Indian Peach Lassi. The latter is ‘tranquility in a glass!’ A pre-massage drink that readies you for the treatment ahead, this concoction is a creamy blend of yogurt, peaches and pistachio with a dash of cinnamon.
All six have no milk mixed with any of the variants as some people are lactose-intolerant. Brown sugar syrup is however provided on the side for those who prefer their drinks a little sweeter. “Maybe your energy just got synched with ours so you simply found yourself at our doorstep.
“Whatever you do, give everything with your heart. We did not open this enterprise for money or to make fantastic food. You can get all that elsewhere, but the service will be really wanting,” intoned Bob, a latent songwriter and composer. Among his many pursuits, which include painting, he is an accomplished writer. His 700-page self-help E-book entitled “Fusion-Do” sells like hotcakes on as well as the iTunes store.
A collection of original art pieces, conceived and brought to life by Bob and daughter Justine, along with those of wife Violy's, adorn the dining salon as well as Fusion Spa’s halls and walls on the second floor. Survival Room, where the spa resides, is a sanctuary for the weary soul where you will always be spoiled with its choicest pampering services; from a quick wash to a tag-team rub down or their body-glow scrubs or face saver treatments.
And for the truly adventurous, there’s the invigorating on-all-fours one-of-a-kind experience Centipede massage that has four therapists extending their range of treatments on your entire body. This is highly recommended for a powerful halo effect on interpolating auras.
“We opened Fusion Spa some ten years ago at a different venue but within the Roxas Boulevard area. Me and my staff do all the hygienic routines needed to keep this facility in tip-top shape,” Bob said in closing.
The Globetrotters Restaurant and Fusion Spa are both nicely tucked on the beautifully-preserved dwelling of former DoT secretary Mina Gabor. This edifice served as Gov. General F.B. Harrison’s domicile in Manila during his tour of duty in the country and which became the first embassy office of the United States in the Philippines.

For more information, table reservation, advanced orders, and/or treatment appointments, simply call tel. no. 533-9024 or mobile # 0920-7508854. 


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