Polaris Treasure Trove

Perfect pairing
By Ed Ciby

Polaris Treasure Trove brings the United Kingdom's ID diamonds investment bar to mall-goers in Shang's East Wing.

Initially named Polaris Antique and Jewellery, the label took a new route and a new trade name this year. Named after the North Star that remains unmoving while the entire northern sky revolves around it, Polaris Treasure Trove (PTT), founded in 2016, symbolizes Isha Ivonne Ricaña's dream of establishing her own label. It is also a celebration of the memories of her daughter Sujin who passed on in 2012, at the tender age of six.

As it relaunches it's new rebranding, PTT introduces its stunning collections that are made of exquisite pieces. One of its treasured sets showcases the beauty of south sea pearls that were sourced from Palawan waters, and the craftsmanship of Pinoy plateros who mount them on gold. This is Ricaña's way of supporting the Philippine pearl industry. The brand also offers diamond jewelry, antiques, gemstones, and crystals from India, Indonesia, Nepal, and Cambodia. Clients can even have designs of raw crystal jewelries customized according to their liking.

Partnering with an international label, Ricaña also brings ID Diamonds to Manila, the first diamond bar in the world. Originating in Belgium and having it's headquarters in London, ID Diamonds offers a way for collectors and investors to preserve certified natural polished diamonds in an ultra-secure, safe, and transparent manner, using its multi-patented ID-Knox technology. It allows diamonds to be traded around the globe in a consistent, profitable, and efficient way.

PTT's first and lone physical store is housed inside Styled Pop-Up, a space housing different fashion brands founded by Christine Bersola-Babao. As it moves forward to 2018, the brand aims to expand and open four more stores in the country.

Ricaña's brand does prove to be a trove of treasures, never short of stunning pieces that are worth holding dear forever. Visit PTT at the Styled Pop-Up located on the second level of Shangri-La Plaza Mall's East Wing.


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