Anew 360 White

Discover Avon's new whitening skincare
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Skin-whitening is no longer about chalk-like, pale, lifeless and dull-looking skin. Gone were the days when Victorian-era women ran to alchemists and have their faces treated with silver! These days, it's all about beautiful white skin that looks revitalized, vibrant, healthy and youthful.
“Anew 360 White goes beyond the usual whitening. It gives one healthy, younger-looking vibrant glow that women have always wanted. Its breakthrough Whitality technology discharges existing dark skin production, and more importantly, energizes your skin cells giving you that glow from within,” intoned Jacqueline Marcelo, Southeast Asia's associate category manager for Avon Skincare.
Addressing women's desire for vibrant white skin glowing with effervescence, global beauty company Avon responds with the introduction of Anew 360 White, the latest skincare breakthrough from its premium skincare line, Anew. It's the new white vitality or, in Avon parlance, skin 'whitality.'
The concept of 'whitality' synergizes whitening and vitality that results in flawless, ebullient white skin aglow in the pink of health.
“Avon has been my constant beauty partner for decades now, tracing back to my Repertory days. I consider it a great honor to again be chosen by Avon for Anew. I equally take pride in unveiling this latest skincare innovation – Anew 360 White. I feel happy to share the secret to skin whitality with women who have always wanted fairer skin that glows with vitality,” said Leah, during the product launching rites held recently. Once the brand ambassador of Avon Color, the global theater artist is now the face behind Anew's latest campaign. “While before it was all about color, now it's skin care. It's a 'lil more interesting 'coz its caring for what's underneath our skin. Wrinkles, dark spots and discolorations make you look older than you really are. Thankfully I've discovered Anew 360 White. It has brightened and transformed my skin to its most vibrant and gave it a smoother, more youthful glow,” Leah confessed, looking resplendent in a delicately draped off-the-shoulder figure-hugging silhouette by Rajo Laurel. Leah will be seen next at the Manila production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats where she'll play the role of Grizabella come July.
“I prepared for Med School before but the stage took that away from me so there's no fallback to speak of here. I'm very simple when it comes to dressing casually. I live on my flip flops and jeans though I dress up on occasions. I'm not really a 'girlie' type of girl. I never go out without my eyeglasses as well as sunglasses to ward off glare while driving. I can read anything up close but a little farther away makes everything become hazy. I love to eat game and veggies. And I don't drink coffee anymore because of the acid it gives. I moisturize because of too much makeup on stage. Anew offers the world something beyond skin-deep,” she added.
Anew 360 White revolutionizes the science of whitening through the 360-degree whitening benefits: 3, for the number of ingredients that turn off sources of dark skin cell production; 6, for revolutionary ingredients that turn on, energize and revitalize skin cells; and 0, for the number of flaws and dark spots for total skin vibrancy and vitality.
Senior manager for cellular biology and in-vitro toxicology Dr. Uma Santhanam leads the New Technology Bioscience Pigmentation team that helped identify the innovation for Anew White while collaborating with Bioscience, Innovation and Product Development groups on new technologies and novel testing methods. “What makes Anew 360 White distinct from other whitening products is the 360-degree whitening technology that enables the skin to whiten and glow from within. The efficacy of the product can be immediately seen after a week when 70 percent of our women respondents testified a dramatic improvement on their skin's whitality.”
Available by May 2010, the Anew 360 White Protective day cream and Vitalizing night cream work best with the Anew 360 White Clarifying Cleanser and Anew 360 White Activating Lotion. For optimum results, it is advised you complete the 'whitality' regimen with the cleanser and toner to reveal clear and fair skin from within.
“Anew 360 White is another testament of Avon's impassioned commitment to women. Every great skincare product from Avon is a woman's skincare wish granted. As the company for women, Avon is attuned to women's needs and our aim is to make sure that we deliver on those needs,” enthused the regional communications head for Asia-Pacific Louie Migne.
Avon is the world's leading direct seller of beauty and related products, with US$6.8 billion in annual revenues. The brand markets to women around the world through over 6 million independent sales representatives. Its product lines include such recognizable brand names as Avon Color, Skin-So-Soft, Avon Solutions, Avon Naturals, Avon Fashions, Avon Wellness and Anew.
The company also markets an extensive line of fashion jewelry and apparel. Aside from empowering women with meaningful earning opportunities and quality beauty products, Avon is also the largest corporate supporter of the breast cancer cause. Recently, it has announced reaching the new milestone of US$525 million raised and awarded worldwide for access to care and finding a cure for mammary carcinoma.
For more information about Avon and its products as well as clinical test results data, simply call the customer hotline through tel. no. 864-2900 or log-on to their Web site


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