Tour Taiwan 100

Traversing through Taiwan
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

The Taipei 101 lords over the skyline of Taiwan's capital city. It is the second tallest building in the world next to Dubai's Burj Al Arab; dislodging Malaysia's pride, the twin building of Petronas Towers, that used to be the tallest edifice in Asia and the rest of the modern world.
Inspired by this magnificent feat of engineering and design, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau brings to the Philippines, for the first time, its annual travel expo around Asia. Simply dubbed “Tour Taiwan 100,” the 2-day event unfolds on April 24 and 25 at the Mall of Asia Atrium. This maiden voyage will showcase the many surprises that Taiwan can bring though 8 tour operators and travel agents primarily catering to the Taiwan market as well as the four participating airline carriers that regularly service the Taipei route: China Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Eva Air and Philippine Airlines.
Taiwan's Tourism Bureau is drumbeating this travel exposition as they want its closest neighbor country to enjoy its cuisine and shopping delights, of which Pinoys are known for. Traveling to Taiwan has never been easier this time as there is no visa requirement for visiting tourists. Plus, the low US$ dollar to Philippine peso conversion rate makes things much more convenient.
If your an avid traveler or one who delights in discovering the sights and sounds using the railway system, then train shopping should be at the top of your itinerary. You can buy local produce and sample a variety of snack food proffered close to the train stops. At Keelung, there's seafood, popped rice biscuits and night market chows. There's pineapple cake and beef noodles at the main station and sun cakes with crispy skin & malt sugar filling at Taichung. Sample meat balls and rice noodles at Hsinchu or traditional cakes at Changhua. Savor banana egg rolls and 'train ticket biscuits' at Jiji or multi-layered sesame cubic pastry and turkey rice at Chiayi. Relish mountain taro cakes at Fencihu or cake products made with cherry blossoms and high mountain tea at Alishan or the ultra-thin and crisp cake at Yilan. Also try the eel and danzai noodles as well as the coffin sandwiches at Tainan or delight with a deluge of healthful herbal products at Taitung's day market.
Writer Francesca Chong, in observing local pop culture, notes that if any visitor finds himself curious about the latest trends of the youth culture in Taiwan, one simply drops by Ximending district, which is a stop away from the Taipei's main station. “This old Taipei neighborhood is the home of hip venues that manifest what's hot and what's not among Taiwanese youth and the frontline for many of the island's ever-changing fashions.”
So if you ever wondered where the F-4 lives, now is the perfect time to visit their home state.
Live entertainment from Taiwan's famed drum beaters will be flown-in for the weekend event. Four lucky patrons of the travel expo will each win a free round-trip tickets from the participating airlines.
The month of April ('til the 25th) heralds the close of the Taipei International Floral Expo, the 5-month long exposition that begins Nov 6th. For serious shoppers, the months of October and November mark the grand year-end sale across the entire state. So it's blitz and bonanza everywhere during the last quarter of every year.
Tour Taiwan 101 has visited Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and, now, the Philippines.
To know more about Taiwan and its myriad splendors, simply call the Taiwan Visitors Association office through tel. no (+852) 03-20706789 and tele-fax (+852) 03-20723559 or drop by Suite 25-01, 25th Level, Wisma Goldhill on 67 Jalan Raja Culan in downtown Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. You may also browse their Web site


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