Promessa Bed by Tempur

Bed of Bliss

By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Ideally, we spend a third of our 24-hour cycle recharging the energies we may have lost throughout the day. While some get the 8-hour sleeping pattern, others may just get a fraction of that; tossing and turning listlessly instead of gaining some quality eye shut.

Presumably, physical exhaustion is the perfect antidote to a dreamless slumber. Yet, instead of feeling fresh in the morning, you may wake up feeling back aches or worst, sport a stiff neck throughout the following day. Many bodily pains are caused or aggravated by unnatural sleeping positions. Coils and springs from your bed could create counter-pressure that may leave you more stressed than relaxed. And a good night´s sleep, after all, is dependent much on where you lay your head and body.

If stunning design and superior comfort are what you value, then take a look at the new Promessa Bed by Tempur. It is like no other bed you have ever experienced. The beautiful material and gentle wave-form of the mattress combine to give an elegant and contemporary design for supreme relaxation. The executive floating design bedstead perfectly complements the mattress while a range of matching pillows are available to complete the look.

Tempur is the No. 1 brand of pressure-relieving mattresses and pillows and became renowned for the benefits it offers people suffering from back, neck and joint problems. The Promessa bed has taken these supportive, pressure-relieving qualities and added a new dimension of seductive comfort with the ultra-soft touch Tempur wave topper.

This month, Tempur celebrates its 5th Year anniversary in the country with the launch of the Promessa Bed. With a stunning design to complement both the contemporary and classic bedrooms, the wave topper is specially developed to deliver a luxurious feeling of relaxing comfort – that long sink-in feeling along with the pressure-relieving benefits associated with the label. Tempur, through its exclusive distributor Focus Global Inc., was launched here in the Philippines on August 2005.

The brand prides itself in being the only mattress & pillow line originating from and recognized by NASA, and duly certified by the Space Foundation. Tempur molds perfectly to the contours of the body and distributes the weight evenly across the entire surface area of the material. It exerts less pressure than conventional mattresses thus relieving pressure points, as it does not create any counter-pressure on the body. This translates to reduced tossing and turning at night by 80 percent, increased blood circulation, and over-all improved sleep quality.

Over 3,000 medical doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists and osteopaths worldwide recommend the Tempur mattress and pillows. They firmly believe in the value of the material to ease and prevent back and neck problems, as well as providing the best conditions for a good night´s sleep.

To further commemorate its fifth anniversary, Focus Global Inc. is bringing back its prices from 5 years ago through a special markdown bonanza on August 27 to 30 in all its showrooms.

Finally, the brand continues its celebration by giving the promise of serene sleep to ´little brothers´ at the Boys Town in Marikina City and Gawad Kalinga through its Donate-A-Mattress program. As of press-time, 17 mattresses are being enjoyed by the children, who all dream of the promise of a better tomorrow.

The brand´s promise of nighttime renewal for body and mind covers relief of back and neck pain & stress by bringing comfort. As such, the new campaign is anchored on three words: serenity, renewal and comfort.

Serenity is that feeling of calmness, tranquility and inner peace. Renewal, on the other hand, is that feeling of being born again; the feeling you long for after stressful periods. While comfort is that feeling of complete relaxation, satisfaction and sufficiency. Values that you truly long to go home to at the end of each day.

The next time you head for bed, make sure you´ll really get a good night´s sleep; and all your worries of bodily aches are laid to rest as well. Experience a rejuvenated sleep with Tempur. It truly has changed the way the world sleeps!

For more details, simply visit and/or drop by any of their showrooms and experience lying back on the gentle waves of the Promessa Bed. They are located at Level 5, Shangri-La Mall (631-1391), Building 5, Bonifacio High Street, Global City (854-4700) and at the Lower Ground Level, Greenbelt 5 (728-3015).


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