Standard Chartered-Smart Infinity Card

A premium-loaded partnership

By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) has partnered with premium mobile service provider Smart Infinity to present the latter´s subscribers with exclusive banking privileges; expanding the long list of distinct benefits that its members already enjoy.

With this partnership, Infinity subscribers may now take more pleasure from simply engaging their sophisticated lifestyle and discriminating taste with the use of the benefit-loaded card. They are now entitled to exclusive priority banking services like a dedicated Relationship Manager, access to sophisticated wealth management products, preferential rates on foreign exchange and deposit placement, among other privileges.

As a start, Infinity subscribers are entitled to own the Infinity Standard Chartered Card, which is under the Platinum MasterCard franchise. The features of the premiere card are designed to make Infinity subscribers feel all the more special and elite, as befitting their status in life, business or career. Every purchase made with the card has a corresponding text message from the bank to inform the subscriber and be safe from unwanted use.

Standard Chartered PLC is a leading international bank, listed on the London and Hong Long stock exchanges. It has operated for over 150 years in some of the world´s most dynamic markets and earns around 90 percent of its income and profits in Asia, Africa and the Middle east. This geographic focus and commitment to developing deep relationships with clients and customers has driven the bank´s growth in recent years.

With 1700 offices in 70 markets worldwide, SCB is committed to building a sustainable business over the long term and is trusted globally for upholding high standards of corporate governance, social responsibility, environmental protection and employee diversity. The bank´s heritage and values are expressed in its brand promise of ¨Here for good.¨

Infinity is Smart Communications´ most premium postpaid service, catering to the sophisticated and mobile-savvy individuals. Subscribers enjoy a whole prestigious lifestyle – from exclusive dinner parties to dream getaways in world-class resorts. Infinity believes that its subscribers have earned the right to enjoy all the best that life has to offer.

¨This is the most premium post-paid partnership with a foreign bank. Delighting our customers is our first priority. Our innovative features, world-class service and slew of unique promotions and phone packages are designed to meet high standards and fine tastes. What we offer is second to none,¨ revealed Julie Carceller, head of Smart Infinity Group, during the card´s launching ceremonies at the Grand Ballroom of the Mandarin Oriental.

Foremost among the benefits of owning an Infinity-SCB card is the 5 percent cash rebate on all restaurant purchases worldwide. This hefty dining rebate is available here and anywhere abroad for all dining spends. It is a special offer that seeks to recognize Infinity subscribers´ penchant to sample as many new, exciting and well-known dining destinations as they can; both to satisfy their appetite for tasty food offerings as well as to meet the requirements for elegant settings to close deals or to just delight in the company of kith and kin.

Another 5 percent cash rebate will be applied further to all Infinity bills that are automatically charged to the credit card. This gives subscribers substantial cash rewards and the convenience of never needing to remember when to pay their monthly bill before its due date.

All other purchases on the card outside of the restaurant and auto-charged mobile phone bills will also earn a .5 percent cash rebate. This means subscribers will automatically save on all their shopping, gasoline and even grocery purchases.

Furthermore, the cards comes with a No-Annual-Fee incentive making it free for life to all active Infinity subscribers.

The personalized service offered by Infinity includes a dedicated Subscriber Management Officer who handles each individual subscription need. These include sending out text broadcasts of new Infinity numbers, transferring of contacts, photos and messages to new handsets from old phones, as well as technical mobile concerns and plan requirements. Priority handling is given to all Infinity subscribers at Smart business centers. An exclusive hotline number is available 24/7 simply by dialing *800 on their mobile phones.

Infinity members also enjoy exclusive perks with the Infinity Privilege card, while a special concierge for travel, dining and shopping is available exclusively for cardholders. A complimentary SOS service is at the subscribers´ fingertips for emergency roadside and/or medical assistance. Moreover, subscribers gain access to premier Infinity events.

New subscribers are entitled to a complimentary one-time vanity number of their choice, and all Plan 8000 members receive complimentary handset insurance for their mobile units. These are just a few of the unmatched privileges enjoyed by members of the Infinity Inner circle.

Finally, the Infinity-SCB card is a premium Platinum MasterCard: a status symbol that singles one out as an Infinity subscriber with all that it implies in terms of status, position and income. After all, the Infinity-SCB card is offered by invitation only, exclusive to existing subscribers. With anew face, the Infinity-SCB card delivers real rewards, financial solutions and a waived annual fee non-payment.

To avail of the exclusive Infinity-SCB card, subscribers can call their dedicated Subscriber Management Officer or SCB at 830-1111. Subscribers may also opt to text YES INFINITY to 3919. As of press-time, there are 12,600 subscribers under the Smart Infinity plan.

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