Sneakers Revisited
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

After a long while, classic shoe brand Tretorn is back with a collection depicting the very best of 'Swedish Goodness.' It recently launched its third store in the world (well, second actually, if you count out the Georgetown branch that closed down) at the 3rd level of Robinson's Galleria.
“We are the first outlet outside of the United States. In fact, the Manila branch looks a lot like the New York store. Tretorn has evolved into a lifestyle brand from its predominantly sports-oriented origins,” declared brand associate Nanerz Reyes, during the launching ceremonies.
The Swedish-brand footwear was established in 1891. A significant part of Tretorn's history is closely linked to the history of tennis. “The brand was big in the US in the '80s, and even here in the '90s. It was a shoe fit for the great outdoors. Its lines boast of simplicity over design,” she added.
The brand targets people who have a classic yet contemporary personal style, who love to live outdoors, and appreciate modern simplicity. Rich in heritage, it has provided an authentic framework for everything that defines the brand. And it is with this foundation that Tretorn ensures its commitment to high quality rubber manufacturing for generations to come.
Heeding inspiration from the chilly outdoors of the Alps, the birthplace of the shoe brand, the new Tretorn exudes that Swedish Goodness and charm with its wooden floors, quaint tennis ball décor, and cozy brick-walled interiors. Browsing through the store enables customers to experience the best of Sweden, where people largely engage in relaxed outdoor activities like camping, fishing and biking.
For over a hudred years, Tretorn has built a reputation of superior quality and function, innovation and distinctiveness. It has evolved into becoming the top choice for tennis shoes the world over. Recent years have also seen its transition into a fashion staple: from its conventional tones of pastel colors to bold and bright hues with modern designs reflective of the times. Tretorn offers practical shoes without compromising style for all of your outdoor activities.
The sneakers now exude a cool, casual look perfect for every activity. The spotlight is on the Skymra Canvas that's made for men and women alike. What's great about this sneaker is that it is made of lightweight material; something that will not weigh you down when you're off on your outdoor adventure! The shoe's rubber outsole also ensures maximum grip and traction, but what makes it stand out is its distinct lace-less design that gives off a modern, sophisticated appeal. The vertical gartered straps offer ease in slipping each pair to a secure fit.
Another noteworthy collection is the classic Nylite. The lavish shoe features a durable textile upper, a trendy V-shaped toe area, and a vulcanized rubber outsole that allows multi-dimensional traction. If you're into something more attention-grabbing, go for the Skerry boots for women and the Strala boots for men that come in vivid yellows, blues and olives. Or you may opt for the Reva Nylon that exudes a sleek feel with its colored nylon uppers.
Aside from the new outlet at Galleria's Sports Loop section, you may also find Tretorn in the racks of Rustan's (Makati and Alabang), Urban Athletics, Bratpack (Greenbelt 5, Cebu, Davao, Pampanga), Olympic Village (Alabang Town Center), Planet Sports (Shangri-La and Powerplant), NAIA Terminal 3 and Res-Toe-Run outlets in Trinoma, Glorietta, Gateway, Galleria, Cebu, Robinson's Ermita, Festival Mall, Alabang Town Center and Marquee Mall.
The shoe brand's resurgence in the Philippine market is made possible by the exclusive distributorship of the Primer Group of Companies, a retail and distribution conglomerate with presence all over the country and around Asia. After Manila, Tretorn has set it sights for an opening in South Korea. The Galleria opening marked Tretorn's 120th year anniversary.


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