My Thai & Pho Hoa

A delightful Asian twin-set
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

The concept of a shared location is very refreshing; especially to a jaded gastronome. You take a seat in either restaurant where you can order from both menus. We visited one such setting at Gateway Mall one rainy weekday. And the deliciously hot concoctions were just perfect for the weather.
We experienced authentic Vietnamese cuisine, simultaneously with flavorful Thai home cooking by melding Pho Hoa and My Thai Kitchen fares; all in a single setting. Bursts of flavors from fresh herbs and spices, together with the ‘heat level’ in the dishes all combined for a different sensory experience in the palate.
“This back-to-back concept seats 90 covers. A shared location taps more market. Besides, we ultimately gave in to the requests of our regular clientele to serve both these cuisines in a single outlet,” shared marketing/operations VP Vivian Tan-Cua.
While the spiciness is toned down to cater to the Filipino taste, everything else is authentically Thai and Vietnamese. Diners are welcome to heighten the spice in their food with extra condiments that’s readily available upon request.
For appetizers, we suggest Satay Gai, chicken sate skewers smothered with peanut sauce or the meat-filled salad Yum Pla Neua, that’s beef strips tossed with the salad greens.
Noodle lovers should not miss Pad See Ew, wok-fried noodles with chicken and broccoli leaves made tastier with darker soy sauce. And for a dose of game, try their version of chicken curry with its own peculiar zest while those with a proclivity for seafood should savor the Pia Krapong Pad Prik dish, that’s crispy tilapia with your choice of sauce: spring green chili or tamarind sauce.
The spices – curry powder or chili powder – are sourced from Thailand so diners are assured of the quality of the food being served. The herbs and other ingredients are grown locally and organically on farms in Tagaytay and Batangas, where the same are sourced.
Both restaurants display modern furniture in clean lines. You will notice My Thai’s ingeniously decked signature floor- to-ceiling drawer-filled walls while Pho Hoa’s once bare white walls and simple interiors gave way to a refreshing green and pink motif as designed by Erik Cua; enlivening the outlet’s atmosphere.
“Be sure to try our Beef Pho #50 or the Seafood Pho. If you’re not a fan of pho, you can still have a taste of other authentic Vietnamese food like our bestseller Pho Goi Tom Buoi, the pomelo shrimp salad.
“All our waiters are trained to suggest food options. Diners usually go for the visually-appealing dishes on the menu. They go for those that look good on pictures. While they usually settle on comfort food, they would always try something new. Pho Hoa is an international food chain while My Thai is a Pinoy brand. All dishes are cooked fresh daily in the kitchen. And we have big servings that’s ample for 3 to 4 to share,” enthused Vivian.
With its authentic Asian cuisine and very laid-back ambiance, one can simply relax and enjoy all the wonderful flavors that My Thai and Pho Hoa have to offer; whether by your lonesome or in the company of family and/or friends.
The other My Thai/Pho Hoa shared location outlets are in Mckinley Hills inside the sprawling Bonifacio Global City and at the newly-opened Centris Mall that’s right beside the MRT Quezon Avenue Station.


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