Tanduay Rhum Rock-fest Year 5

Blanco’s “Ngayon” is concert anthem
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Singer-songwriter Rico Blanco, one of the more brilliant musical minds of this generation leads the pack with his passionate, if not urgent, advocacy in strengthening the ever-growing Original Pilipino Music (OPM) crusade. Backed by record label Warner Music Philippines, he has clearly surpassed his early reputation as Pinoy Rock anthem-making machine to emerge as one of the foremost composers in the league today.
When Rico recently released the single ‘Ngayon,’ distillery giant Tanduay Rhum realized that it was the perfect tune to essay their successful string of nationwide gigs featuring the country’s top bands that culminates at the rock-fest over the weekend; boasting of the most accomplished rock acts of the present and previous decades that includes Parokya ni Edgar, Sandwich, P.O.T., Hungry Young Poets, Introvoys, Sampaguita, Razorback, Color It Red, Grin Department, Hilera, Up Dharma Down, The Youth, Tropical Depression, Moonstar 88, Ney, and Orient Pearl together with a few more surprise guests.
‘Ngayon’ is a message of celebration for Pinoy Rock in general. It clearly espouses how Filipinos should be proud of how our artists have evolved to how the genre sounds today. Because there’s no time like ‘now’ to show the world that we rock!
“The song is a reflection of the ‘now.’ We sometimes become over nostalgic and say the past is better that we no longer savor the blessings of the present. This song and the rock-fest celebrate fraternity among artists, then and now,” apprized Rico during an intimate media colloquy.
Tanduay Rhum and Warner Music Phils. will officially release Rico’s hit single in a compilation of the finest OPM rock tracks that aficionados of all ages will surely root for. The playlist runs the gamut from ‘90s gems like Wolfgang’s ‘Halik ni Hudas’ to new tracks from veteran bands like The Dawn (“Tibay ng Pinas’) and Siakol (“P.I.”) to millennium hits like Chicosi’s ‘Seven Black Roses,’ Kamikaze’s ‘Tsinelas,’ and Franco’s “This Gathering.’ It also includes current favorites from live staples like Urbandub (‘Gravity’), Typecast (‘This Kind of Silence’), Gloc 9 featuring Jazelle Grutas of Zelle (‘Upuan’), 6Cyclemind (‘Sandalan’) and Ebe Dancel (‘Hanggang sa Dulo ng Mundo’).
“This is a commencement of OPM and Tanduay Rhum to bring the Pinoy music advocacy forward. We are challenged globally by foreign music. Hopefully, all this will be addressed at the OPM Fair come October 11th,” intoned artist Noel Cabangon, who spoke in behalf of OPM president Ogie Alcacid.
Keen on keeping the flame of OPM alive, as evidenced by the poignant lyricism of ‘Ngayon’ and its enduring line “Ang nakaraan pasasalamatan, pero ngayon ang panahon,” Rico sings in obvious homage to the songwriters and composers before him; the previous masters of the craft. This is both, a plea for all OPM artists to unite and a celebration of how far Pinoy rock music has come and evolved with the combined efforts of artists and entities who believe in preserving and supporting our very own.
Tanduay Distiller’s Inc. is the maker of a wide array of world-class spirits and liquor, as proven by its 146 international awards and accolades. It has consistently provided loyal consumers with quality products and events. Simply put, the brand takes pride in promoting home-grown talents as well as providing a venue for target segments to experience the brand while at the same time enjoy Pinoy music with their loved ones.
“2006 saw Tanduay Rhum’s radical change into music marketing as it had a universal appeal with the young market. From then on, rock genre defined the brand. This year, we’ve toured 30 cities nationwide. And this Friday, 30 popular bands from all generations will play from 5:30 in the afternoon ‘til daybreak. They’ll play all moods from classy, emo, metal to pop rock. We’ll have acts from Sampaguita to Introvoys, with Paco A. flying in from the States to jam with his former bandmates. Then there’s Orient Pearl and Siakol for a bit of nostalgia. Ditto Gloc 9 and Moonstar 88 plus a comeback by Ebe Dancel; but this time as solo performer. Kamikaze will also launch their “Romantiko” album in the same show. We have entered the next golden age of Pinoy Rock,” shared media director Gladys Basinillo.
‘Ngayon’ is currently receiving massive airplay on all local radio stations while the compilation album “Ngayon: Tanduay Rhum Rockfest 5 Commemorative CD” will be available during the concert this Friday, October 14th, at the Mall of Asia grounds.
“This is one of the most anticipated events this year as it celebrates the greatness of Pinoy rock,” enthused Tanduay’s senior VP for sales & marketing Andres Co.
Getting concert tickets is as easy as buying Tanduay products in certain combinations from participating 7-11 and Mini-Stop outlets nationwide. For more details, check out the following sites: TanduayOfficialPage (Facebook) and TanduayRRFYear5 (on Twitter and YouTube). Mobile phone users can simply type NGAYON and send to 5677 to have the song as their ring-back tone (RBT).


  1. T5 rhum gives us another year of rock n rollin, gathering the bands to showcase their stuff. its really amazing that the old-school and new wave bands reunited. another thank you to them because they choose the song "ngayon" as their soundtrack.. thanks a lot for posting!:D


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