A centenary of excellence
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Next month, Whirlpool Corporation will be marking its 100th anniversary globally; commemorating its world-renowned legacy in the home appliance business. The company, too, heralds its most important year with the unveiling of a new brand logo, kicking off a year-round celebration of its centennial.
“The 100th anniversary logo reflects Whirlpool’s heritage, global reach and plans for the future. It’s a fitting symbol for the core principles of integrity and perseverance set by Whirlpool’s Lou Upton, Emory Upton and Lowell Basford when they introduced the first electric wringer washing machine in 1911. But while Whirlpool has a proud history, this is really about looking forward to the next 100 years and how the company will continue to improve home and family life for the coming generations,” declared company chairman and CEO Jeff M. Fettig.
Few brands have had such a positive and lasting impact on families around the globe the way Whirlpool has. As part of its centenary, the brand is introducing a new and complete line of built-in hobs, hoods and ovens that showcase impeccable European design and superior functionality; affording discerning consumers a variety of models to choose from.
Innovative features like nano surface coating in its built-in hobs was designed to prevent dirt particles from making contact with cooking surfaces. Highly resistant to fingerprints, it offers excellent protection from surface contamination. These cook-tops also feature unique Four-Crown and Triple Ring burners that spread flame evenly so food gets cooked uniformly on all sides. Gas consumption is also reduced by up to ten percent due to the high heat efficiency performance of the burners.
Another added safety feature is the Flame-Failure Device that shuts off the gas supply as soon as flame is cut off. This prevents gas leaks in times when the wind extinguishes the flame or when the burner hasn’t been properly turned off.
“In celebration of Whirlpool’s 100 years legacy of excellence in home appliances, we are excited to present the innovative features that are available in our products that promise to cater to the needs and lifestyles of Filipino families all over the country. These features were designed with the modern family in mind, while keeping with strict quality and environmental requirements in line with our commitment to safety and environment protection,” related marketing manager Joy Catiis-Cruz.
Last year alone, the Energy Star awards recognized Whirlpool’s continued leadership in offering consumers energy and water efficiency through its leading home appliances. The award was the company’s 11th top Energy Star citation and fifth consecutive Sustained Excellence win. It has been honored with 22 Energy Star awards overall, more than any other appliance manufacturer.
The Energy Star Award is a joint program of the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Energy which honors organizations that have made outstanding contributions to protecting the environment through energy sufficiency.
Energy Star-certified appliances are engineered to be extremely energy efficient, using 30 percent less energy that help consumers save more while helping protect the ecosystem.
“Whirlpool has been around the country even before it was locally distributed by Excellence Appliances in 1983. I was an authorized agent of the brand. A Duty Free purchase order made in my behalf started my foray into the Whirlpool business. In 1992, I was offered by Whirlpool Southeast Asia to carry the brand and I readily accepted the challenge. The appliance designs have wide choices of persuasions from Eastern to Western and everything in between. Whirlpool has always been in the forefront of innovative technology; continuing improvement in energy sufficiency. Whirlpool will be offering kitchen aides soon. They’ll be available by the end of the year,” apprized Nixon Sioco, president of Exatech, sole distributor of the brand in the country.
“We’ve always been known for our washers as well as our refrigerators and microwave ovens. Today, we offer cooking implements like ranges and burner ovens. In the US, washers account for 90 percent of the market share. Locally, 90 percent of laundry shops use Whirlpool because parts are always available. We have over a hundred service centers nationwide. Moreover, service units are also available in instances when units have to be repaired so business operations is not disrupted,” he added.
Through the years, generations have whipped up all kinds of recipes for different occasions to celebrate family relations and special affairs. And in celebration of a hundred years of creating happy memories with Filipino families, Whirlpool invited homemakers to share their cherished family culinary secrets for a chance to have it published in its 100 Family Recipe Collection cookbook. Entrants simply emailed their recipes. Each one sent two recipes that told unforgettable stories, was enjoyed by their respective families, was easy to cook, could serve 4-6 persons and used ingredients that were readily available in the market.
From the sent entries, Whirlpool selected fifty recipes and featured them in its 100 Family Recipe Collection cookbook. The compilation is part of Whirlpool’s ‘Just Like Family’ campaign that aims to bring the message across that the brand will forever be a part of the family. Since its appliances have always found a place in most family’s home by being useful and dependable, Whirlpool has become an integral part of the home and the family; promising to be a constant and reliable partner in forging memories that come with each treasured dish.
“In line with new product features, we are likewise launching a new promotion that reflects our gratitude for the Filipinos support for the brand all these years,” Catiis-Cruz intoned. “This is a chance for consumers to furnish their homes with world-class and brand-new appliances through the “Search for the Oldest Whirlpool Appliance’ contest. This promo is a token of our appreciation for their continued patronage and trust in our products while reaffirming our longstanding commitment to customer satisfaction.”
A family in Quezon City owning a 44-year-old functioning ref won the contest. The enduring appliance was bought way back in 1967.
For the past century, Whirlpool has definitely distinguished itself as a brand designed for families. Every washing machine, refrigerator and microwave oven has been meticulously made with the family in mind; providing outstanding quality, unparalleled durability and advanced technology that have made every home a place of warmth and comfort for many years.
“This year signals exciting opportunities for Whirlpool to widen and strengthen our presence in the Philippines and around the world, as we begin to countdown for another hundred years,” enthused Catiis-Cruz.
“The growth of real estate development has spurred the entry of built-in products in the country. The condominium units have increased by 40,000 as of 2009 alone and the rate of completion is at 8,000 per year. 24 percent of Ayala Land properties are purchased by OFWs. Also, the shift of preference from free-standing models is also being observed.
“On the other hand, cooking is gaining more popularity, prompting homeowners to invest in kitchen fixtures. Nowadays, they spend more time in the kitchen than elsewhere in the house. This paradigm shift complements our present product lines perfectly. Culinary arts have become a career option again. Last year, the Philippines sent out 8,400 professional chefs abroad,” elucidated AVP for sales Chris Sioco.
Founded on Nov. 11, 1911, Whirlpool Corp. has influenced home and family life for the last ten decades. The company is driven by the belief that everyone needs a comfortable place to call home as it boasts of a hundred years of creating better ways of cooking, cleaning, refrigerating and storing. By focusing on one person, one family, one home, one community at a time, Whirlpool is committed to creating better lives, better homes and, eventually, a better world.
“We are the No. 1 major appliance company globally. Our investment in research & development (R & D) shows how we are doing internationally. We have 67 manufacturing facilities worldwide. Our comprehensive product range allows homeowners to manage space, save time and effort through economic-efficient features. It’s all summed up in our tag line: Every home, everywhere!” concluded category manager Tanny Chu.
The brand is available at SM Appliance stores, Abenson’s, Automatic Center as well as Duty Free outlets.


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