Picture-tube perfection!
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Since 2011, Toshiba has been perfecting the 4K technology to provide discerning consumers with the ultimate real high picture quality. With new models, it has once again raised the bar in television viewing. The brand takes HD viewing to new heights with its latest upgrade of the Regza 55z7 and the Ultra HD Regza 84-inch LED models. Both carry the 2nd generation 4K TV system or 4K Ultra HD.
“The commitment to high picture quality is the core of Toshiba’s technology. The marriage of hardware and software results in outstanding reality to image. Our latest models have achieved the natural effect of color, which is not too bright. The 4K Ultra HD models is a video format that delivers four times the pixels of full HD,” emphasized Yuji Motomura, Toshiba’s chief specialist in the TV marketing division, during a product demo pitting Toshiba against other brands.
The 4K TV system delivers excellent gradation output with analog-like brightness. This provides a sense of depth and texture in picture quality that does not compromise B&W contrast. For HD TV connoisseurs, picture quality is a critical feature in large-screen TV models especially those over 55 inches. This is because the larger the screen size, the rougher the picture quality becomes. To address this, Toshiba developed the CEVO 4K, an in-house 4K video processing engine that set a gold standard unmatched in the market today. One can now enjoy precision viewing of Blu-Ray and HD TV programs in near 4K picture quality.
Advertising director Paul Soriano experienced first-hand the power of the Regza’s 4K technology. Paul has shot over 50 commercials since he got his first ad break in 2007. In his line of work, he does not compromise on visual quality. “It isn’t easy to show true images on a television screen that best match real life color and consistency. Toshiba’s Regza series is top-notch in terms of precision. The sense of detail and sharpness is excellent and the way it captures natural light and skin tones. If you’re the type who likes to watch videos in Blu-Ray and TV programs that are broadcast in HD, then it’s definitely a must-have. It will be a waste not to enjoy the full benefits of HD broadcast if your TV set is not optimum. Most certainly, the quality of the picture in your HD TV adds to the emotional excitement of what you’re watching.
“The clarity of costumes, colors, even the acting and the way they look on screen affects the experience of viewing. Details like skin tones spell a lot of difference,” Paul intoned.
At the heart of the Regza 55z7 is superior resolution and technology that restores image precision and brilliance. Its advanced clear panel feature cuts down reflection to deliver higher contrast even in bright environments. Top of the class technical color specifications include color texture restoration that refines high-chroma texture and color resolution that restores richness from the compressed color information. Its 3D Frame Resolution+ brings heightened enjoyment for 3D viewing aligning congruent texture in ambient frames. It is also enabled with Reconstruction & Self-Congruency methods that both enhance image sharpness.
Yuji Motomura is the key person behind the development of the Ultra HD Regza. “Our aim always is to pursue the superior picture quality for our users and inspire them with our innovation. The 4K Technology gives new models an outstanding sense of detail and enhance picture quality far superior to any other brand available in the market today.”
The excellence of the Regza series has not escaped the attention of local technophiles. Abe Olandres of YugaTech is struck with its image quality, which he notes is almost true to life in terms of color and vividness. “Where Toshiba has taken TV technology is quite impressive. It’s hard to think that they can still improve on the features of the full HD yet they were still able to enhance it by four times. That’s quite a feat! As a viewer who likes to watch fast-paced TV shows and play video games, the Ultra HD Regza 84-inch LED is a treat. I can fully appreciate the heightened sense of excitement that this superb piece of equipment delivers.
“The rendering of picture quality and the technology behind it is what differentiates any brand offering TV products. 4K is the wave of the future especially in terms of picture size, resolution, contrast and natural color. Who knows, by 2020 it becomes 8K. Content is the driving force on what type of TV set consumers buy,” Abe concluded.
Toshiba is a world-leading diversified manufacturer, solutions provider and marketer of advanced electronic & electrical products and systems. The Toshiba Group brings innovation and imagination to a wide range of businesses, digital products, including LCD TV (like the REGZA series), notebook PCs (like the Portege Z10t Ultrabook), retail solutions & MFPs, electronic devices, including semi-conductors, storage products & materials, industrial & social infrastructure systems, include power generation systems, smart community systems, medical systems as well as escalators & elevators, and home appliances.
Toshiba was founded in 1875, and today operates a global network of more than 530 consolidated companies; with 202,000 employees worldwide, and annual sales surpassing US$74-billion. For more information, simply visit their Web site,


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