Year of the Wood Horse

Equine year gallops in fire element
By Nico Erle Ciriaco

2014 is the Year of the Horse, based on the 12-year animal cycle which appears on the Chinese zodiac chart. These were the animals that heeded the call of the gods and each year is assigned an animal, according to the order in which they arrived: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Boar (Pig).  
As seen from the 4 Pots of Destiny that plots the overall fortune based on the year, month and day pillars, 2014 will be rife with opportunities and a good year to get jobs. The Wealth Star of PNoy is very good therefore that will redound, hopefully, to the benefit of the economy. It’s a good year to invest in gold and metal businesses as well. The Ghost Month comes early this year, running from July 27 ‘til Aug. 24.
“Fire (the Yang) is one of the prevailing elements this year. With this, heated arguments, anger, and even war looms on the forefront. There will be tensions in the Middle East and Korea. I also foresee another disease of pandemic proportion that might hit the country sometime between April and September.
“2014 will be a hot year as disasters will continue to devastate parts of the country. Water surges may happen especially in the northwest part. This year, the Yellow Misfortune Star sits on the northwest. Each year, those who observe feng shui always take note of this star because that’s the area where misfortune will likely hit,” according to popular feng shui expert Master Hanz Cua, during an intimate press huddle at the Shang.
“Last year, the Yellow Misfortune Star affected the central sector. There were earthquakes and weather disturbances that hit the centermost part of the country. In 2011, the star hit the eastern sector where a tsunami devastated Japan, an Asian country located on the east.
“It may be the Year of the Wood Horse but it is the fire element that will dominate 2014. And because it will be hot this year, water is expected to evaporate fast. Its effect could trigger strong weather disturbances and perhaps volcanic eruptions. Another super typhoon is not far-fetched. Later, we should expect heavy rains and more floods. We will experience a hotter weather this year. Rain will be less which may create shortages in the agricultural sector,” he continued.
Still reeling from the havoc of super typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) that devastated several provinces in the Eastern Visayas region last November and killed more than 6,000 and leaving thousands more homeless, Master Hanz forecasts the possibility of another water disturbance near the strength of Haiyan to slam the country.
“One of the better news in 2014 is that the Philippines will maintain good economic growth. It will rise in April, a good month to invest in stocks. The lucky businesses include telecommunications, which belong to the metal element; and restaurants, which fall under the fire element.
“Sex scandals and love triangles will still heat up due to the appearance of the Peach Blossom Star. Relationships will also be heated up. Many people will do anything for love. The Flower of Romance suggests it is the best year to tie the knot. The Horse Year will be a good year to get married; though not for PNoy.
“The northwest sector is not favorable to the menfolk, especially fathers and patriarchs. So they must be careful with their careers and marriages, and to stay away from accidents. Women, in general, are luckier than men this year. Scandals and 3rd-party involvements may abound too.”
Master Hanz advises that spouses tie a red knot around an amethyst stone to counteract infidelity and to place this near the foot of their “erring” partners.
Sectors deemed lucky are those in the southwest, south, west and central directions. The northeast, east and southeast are unlucky. While purple is the color of the year, the other lucky hues are red, orange, yellow and green. Green, the color of wood, enhances fire.
Master Hanz, who is also into face reading, tarot and palm reading, said that these problems can be rectified with right practices and enhancers. “With correct charms and habits, the problems can be cured 90 per cent. After all, we still chart our own destiny. Never underestimate the powers of prayer. There should be no water on the right side of homes, edifices and buildings like aquariums, ponds or fountains. And steer away from the north/northwest direction especially locations with the 300/320 latitude/longitude reading,“ Master Hanz concluded.
The Year of the Horse is the only animal sign in the Eastern zodiac that repeats its Fire Year on its second and fifth cycles. The next Horse Year will happen in 2026 when the Fire Horse gallops to the close of its sign’s full and complete cycle.
Horse people are those born in 1942, 1954, 1966, 1972, 1990, 2001, and 2014. Those born prior to 1942 can simply subtract 12 continuously to find out if they belong to the sign. The Horse’s wealth element is good this year so it is advised to wear gold and jewelry to attract money.
The Horse sign though is in indirect clash with the Tai Sui so luck is not good for the first part of the year. Fortune will be better in the second half of the year. Horse people should maintain a low profile and be careful with what they say. They should not rush on things and should make efforts to nurture relationships at home. They must handle their finances well and be cautious in investment and finance matters. The Wen Chang Star enhances career advancement while the Tai Chi Star dissolves misfortune. Care must be given while driving to prevent accidents. Never drink and drive. Do more exercises and go on regular checkups. Their love-life, nevertheless, is very colorful and smooth-sailing.
Master Hanz shares his reading and forecast at the ground level of the Edsa Shangri-La Plaza mall. You may get in touch with him through tel. no. 0922-8290382 or send him an email at You can also follow him on Twitter @masterhanz168. For more information, simply visit his Web site,


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