A digi-hub of choices
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Allphones Philippines, the newest telecoms retail chain in the country, opened its 50th store at Robinsons Galleria’s Digiworld section recently. The company was created through a partnership between Allphones Australia, TAO Corp. and Globe Telecom. TaoDharma Inc. is doing business in the Philippines under the name and style Allphones. The company works with TAO’s supply chain services and the connectivity solutions of Globe Telecoms.
Allphones Australia began as a single store in South Australia’s Mile End in 1989. It eventually expanded to 200 stores nationally and has become the largest independent telecommunications retailer Down Under. In 2012, the company started exploring the Philippine market. Hailed as the text capital of the world, the Philippines registered the fastest growth of smartphones consumption in Southeast Asia; showing an increase of 326 per cent that time.  In 2013, Allphones opened their first store in SM Marikina.
“We want to establish our footprint across Asia one step at a time. This is a milestone for both the company and the mobile phone retail sector in general. The speed of expansion and the broad reach that the company has achieved is something rare, considering that we are a new entrant in the market. We are holding this celebration for our 50th store which expresses our gratitude towards our customers,” intoned marketing head Maureen Gallant.
Allphones is committed to providing the highest level of retail experience to all mobile phone customers and subscribers. The company does this by ensuring that the time spent at all their stores is easy and comfortable; even fun-filled.
“Bringing along a mobile phone or smartphone on holiday is already a must for us Filipinos. These gadgets allow us to communicate and coordinate with companions during our travels. They let us take photos as well as express our thoughts, feelings, and impressions while sharing them with family and friends and even to our social network. It’s all part of making our holidays happier and more meaningful. The Allphones caravan will help make all these possible by making the latest mobile phones and the most affordable, feature-filled deals available to holiday revelers,” continued Gallant.
The Allphones All-for-Fun Caravan kicks off in Cebu on April 25th and will proceed to Davao, Puerto Princesa, Subic, Lucena, and Cagayan de Oro. This summer, Allphones is bringing the fun to the hottest destinations in the country. Special events and promotions will be held in selected areas so that more people, especially those on their summer holidays, can enjoy their vacations even more.
“We have the same marketing strategies whether in Australia or the Philippines, though we tailor-fitted some features for local market specifications. We understand the varying needs and requirements of people. Our stores have the best range of selection for devices. There are 52 live units in each store. Quarterly, we review which units are to be displayed. Customer experience is our mantra,” shared COO and general manager Blue Avelino
As the most modern one-stop-shop for the latest mobile devices and postpaid plans in the Philippines, the brand is committed to offering only the best deals on mobile phones, SIMs, and postpaid accounts that are affordable; with the highest value-for-money and customized features that fit all communications and lifestyle needs.
Allphones also offers the widest selection of handsets (11 brands as of last count) that consumers can try hands-on through live mobile devices on display. Unlike other stores, customers can touch and try the units themselves. And once they find the perfect device for their needs, Allphones makes it easy for users to have it through a low purchase price or through a postpaid plan.
Applying for a postpaid plan is made fun and easy through a secure and seamless digital “paperless” processing. Instead of filling out forms and documents, subscribers simply enter customer data using a tablet device. Information is then kept safe and private through a military-grade security protocol.
“We make owning a phone easy, convenient and affordable with the features and services you need most,” Avelino added.

For more information, simply visit an Allphones store near you or log-on to the company Web site,


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