Regimen towards skin rebirth
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Ageing spares no one.  Nobody can disregard the implications of time passage to our systems. But the good news is that the effects can be slowed down.
Millions of cells die in our bodies every day, taking a toll on our skin and systems. This results to voluminous losses in facial suppleness, skin elasticity, and other less desirable physical changes. While we can’t stop ourselves from advancing in age, we can, however, undergo treatments that will retard and reduce its visible vestiges. When these changes happen, we need to regenerate what was lost.
The body may have the capacity to heal itself, yet this takes time. As its ability to repair slows down, the wait becomes even much longer. This very principle of aiding in the regeneration process is what Regenesis Face & Body Boutique espouses.
“Regenesis is a process and journey that we undergo with our clients. Daily cell death results in death of skin. So you see the sagging of skin and toll in the body like aches. Here, we regenerate and retain youthfulness. We use the dynamics of skin and collagen to achieve that. So we add quality life to your years,” shared proprietress Dr. Angela Gomez, diplomate of the Philippine Association of Primary Skin Health Physicians.
Regenesis Face & Body Boutique utilizes techniques that are anchored on speeding up the body’s regeneration abilities. It uses safe and state-of-the-at technologies that aid in the body’s rebuilding and recovery. Each service aims to bring back one’s natural glow and lets you experience a youthful transformation.
“Collagen is one of three components in our dermis. It loosens up through time thus we need to stimulate it like fixing the molecular structure of a rope. We regenerate what you have and enhance, but not change it. We are a non-surgical clinic so we don’t do surgery.
“Today’s clients are more aggressive with the treatments they want. However, it is our duty to educate patients of the possibilities as well as on the realities of what they want done. The relationship between us and our clients is built through trust. We present everything and point out what’s best for them and guide them in choosing what they want,” intimated Dr. Gomez.
The beauty clinic offers several types of treatments from skin regenesis and body regenesis to laser & light regenesis.
Because skin goes beyond just the face, skin regenesis focuses not only on facial needs but also on skin improvements to the other parts of the body. The clinic offers various facial cleaning, peeling, skin tightening & firming, acne removal, and other skin treatment options.
Body regenesis provides corporal improvements from shaping to muscle toning. The clinic has a number of body sculpting procedures that are non-invasive. It also offers ‘deeper regenesis’ that promotes regeneration from within.
And with its most modern equipment, Regenesis introduces special laser & light treatments that repair skin damage faster, more effectively and without downtime.
“Our skin procedures include the face, tummy area, arms, thighs, as well as facial and rejuvenation treatments and peels. For body contouring, there’s Myopep, a muscle build-up option that comes in oral and injectable forms.
“Our three anti-ageing recommendations include platelet rich plasma (PRP), CO2 fractional laser and the thread lift. As we age, certain substances in our genes called “telomers” shorten, resulting in volume loss to the face. The aforementioned options address this concern,” she added.

Regenerate with Regenesis and experience resurgence in youth! Created with the vision of making beauty and wellness available to everyone, Regenesis clinics are strategically placed in such accessible hubs as Filinvest Mall in Alabang and the Metrowalk in Ortigas. For more information, simply text or call mobile numbers 0932-8578810 and/or 0922-8478810. 


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