Acer's S Series

A dream weaver's arsenal
By Ed Ciby

For most Filipinos, owning and/or acquiring a laptop is a gauge that one has stepped up in his career and/or personal life. In today’s work arena, having an indispensable mobile gadget gives one a sense of affirmation; even an edge; especially if the unit or device he works on is power-packed!

With this in mind, Acer’s Inspire initiative brings to the fore the superior specs of three gadgets within the range.

Launched in mid-September, Acer’s S series ‘Inspire’ campaign sought the help of life coach Francis Kong and Miss World 2015 Megan Young. As the brand’s new ambassadors, Kong shares his know-how to the proletariat and how they be at the top of their game. Megan, on the other hand, shows the personal side of the campaign, specifically the ‘Aspire Project,’ with her as project leader.

The videotaped campaign material shows job applicants on a different kind of job interview. The narrative then focuses on three applicants who have no clue on Megan’s concocted plan. All three aspire for their respective families so Megan gifted each with the Aspire S7, the world’s thinnest laptop at 9.98 mm, beautifully contained in a metal chassis. 

“When you see your family happy, you’re happy as well,” confided breadwinner Jamm,

Producing less heat due to a low power consumption, the S7 transfers data twice faster than its predecessors.  Flawless graphics and better resolution for screen viewing is guaranteed by its 7th generation Intel Core i5-7Y54 main chipset processor.

“I’ll do everything for my daughter,” revealed single mom Dacky,

State-of-the-art specs power and run this gadget that’s built for the hardworking members of the labor force. Unified electric connectivity as well as superb USB technology complement a seamless connection to the Net, coupled with a wireless technology for its audio and video features.

And with an operating system running on Windows 10, coupled with the S series’ 64-bit processor, multi-tasking would be a breeze!

“I always try my best for my family. Being with them makes us happy,” shared Buboy, proud father of a brood of four.

The other Acer S Series - S3 and S5 - are Acer’s top of the line quality laptops that offer a wider range of specifications designed for heavier applications. Both series have an Intel® Core™ processor and an Intel® HD Graphics 520, supporting OpenGL® 4.4, OpenCLTM 2.0, Microsoft® DirectX® 12. Both have also the capacity to support up to 512GB of data for its solid-state drive (SSD). In addition from the top-of-the-line ultra-fast connectivity of the Acer Aspire S Series, the S3 and S5 also features a gigabit Ethernet, Wake-on-LAN ready platform, and a higher battery life for a maximum of 12 hours.

Acer’s S series aid hardworking Filipinos aspire and inspire both their personal and professional lives. It supports the working class’ endeavors for their respective families and loved ones.

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