Success Mall

Word-of-mouse shopping community opens
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Success coach John Calub, together with seven other board of directors and brand ambassador Carl Ocab, recently launched Success Mall, an online shopping community that rewards members with cash rebates not only from their own purchases but also for each and every purchase of their referred shoppers.

"This undertaking took two years in preparation. We want to help Filipinos have their own e-stores and businesses running online. We provide mall spaces where manufacturers can display and sell their products via the Internet.

"Cash rebates are given to those who referred shoppers. The good thing is, they only need to do the invitation once yet the rewards last for a lifetime. The word-of-mouse platform will do all the tacking and keeping track of rebate crediting to individual accounts."

Success Mall aims to become the premiere affiliate marketing Web site and mobile application in the world. It envisions to help people save and earn by providing them an online mall space that gives cash rebates from the lifetime purchases made by referred shoppers, while at the same time help SMEs promote their brands and sell their products to a global market faster through word-of-mouse marketing.

"Shoppers can buy products affordably, while merchants can start their respective businesses without capital outlays. Sellers are rent-free. We want to help SMEs sell their merchandise faster through e-commerce technology, nationwide as well as worldwide.

"Success Mall is not area-centric and is open 24/7. Since the merchandise come directly from manufacturers and factories, shoppers enjoy discounts from as low as 5 % to a high of 95 %. Pinoys in over 200 countries can buy the products on sale. Plus, purchases are delivered directly at your doorstep. And by simply sharing the site, members earn. PayMaya debit cards, powered by Smart, allows accumulated rebate points to be withdrawn in cash, or used to purchase anew."

According to a survey by Nielsen, 91 per cent of Filipino consumers trust word of mouth recommendations by family members and friends. But with the rise of Web-based marketing, it's lesser talk now and more sharing online through social networks, giving rise to the word-of-mouse shopping trend.

"As of the moment, we need more merchants to enrol in our platform, tie-up with more media partners, and screen additional founding members so we fill up a roster of a hundred. There are over 2,000 products on sale now but the inventory will dramatically increase to 500,000 before the years ends. Success Mall will soon be launched worldwide in Singapore, Dubai, and Hong Kong," enthused Calub, at the close of an intimate media confab at the PBA Cafe in Metrowalk, Pasig City.

For more information, simply visit the company Web site,


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