Ambassador In Paradise

Upscale resort uses processed bio-fuel as energy source
By Nico Erle Ciriaco

Ambassador in Paradise (AIP) Resort is located in a prime location on the world-famous White Beach of Boracay's Station One district. Designed with a five-star quality and standard of services, it is accredited by the Department of Tourism as an AAA resort, having received five-star awards.

"I have two other hotels in Holland, the Hahrlem (, so AIP is a natural progression for me. Our honeymoon casitas are rooms with a view while the presidential suite at the top floor measures 180 square meters and rates over Php 60,000 a night! Plans on the pipeline include finishing a resort in Palawan that will have a golf course.

"I have five kids who mostly stay in Manila with the rest of the family. Aside from hotels, we have five antique shops in the Netherlands, two in Germany, and two in the United States," informed CEO Johan "Joop" Van Der Tak.

The resort has 60 well-appointed rooms, including the executive/ premiere oceanview rooms, the casitas (honeymoon/beachfront), deluxe rooms, family rooms, and the presidential suite, all elegantly designed with fine furnishings and en suite bathrooms to give guests high-class quality comfort and style; proudly equipped with their environment-friendly electric and solar cars made available to guests in bringing them around, as well as the use of solar panels for renewable energy and the use of bio-fuel and hydrogen-based generators.

"Used coconut oil (UCO) has the same energy as diesel oil. Vegetable oil, on the other hand, is high calorie so you get to clean it because it's difficult to burn. Renergy is a Japanese patent that converts through combustion. We blend the vegetable oil with diesel so the viscosity becomes lower. Diesel now acts as igniter as it burns more easily. After ignition in the chamber, UCO burns then energy is produced.

"Aside from AIP, we have pilot projects that test energy efficacy in Pampanga, Negros Island, and Manila. You see, UCO is much cheaper than diesel and gasoline, not to mention that we are processing industrial garbage as Renergy System is into garbage processing.

"Acceptance is not easy because units for commercial use were not available for users to see and try. You save almost 70% on energy spending at Php 20/UCO liter. Each processing unit costs around Php 2M with 80 per cent of its component parts from Japan. One hour processing can yield 200 liters of UCO fuel.

"Purification happens some place else, the machine does the blending while another machine does the purifying by removing melted salt and pepper using water gravity and centrifuge filters," apprised Osamu Nishikawa, CEO of Renergy System.

Upscale resorts, like those in Boracay, have more commercial wastes to deal with including UCO. Renergy System's Fuel Management Device is the green technology for AIP's 200 KVA and 500 KVA generators. Mr. Nishikawa invented the combustion engine design so that elevators, dryers, jacuzzis, and other devices could run smoothly on purified UCO. Using carbon neutral cycle, waste is turned to useful energy and then electricity is produced. Despite a number of brownouts, using purified UCO than power from electric companies contributes less to pollution.

AIP is the first commercial end user of the UCO processing technology; striking a balance between the sustainability issue of commercialization with environmental concerns.

AIP's al fresco restaurant is known to serve the best food in the island with 19 chefs on board. Applying their distinctive phrase - "We work as family" - AIP shows the warmth of services that the resort has to offer.

"Lobster bisque and Prawn thermidore are some of the most favored dishes while Indian and Thai curry are the among the guests' favorites. Bitterballen, is a Dutch dish on our menu. It's spicy meatballs with mustard sauce. But a real Dutch dish is one made of veggies and potatoes. Our menu changes everyday so dining becomes exciting," shared Joop, at the end of our colloquy.

Ambassador Resort Boracay is "truly your home in paradise." For reservations, simply email the resort thru its address,


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