555 Corned Tuna

Love-team tandems anew for canned good campaign
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Love teams occupy a revered position in the hearts of their, throngs of, adoring followers. From the early years of Philippine cinema 'til today, love teams have endured and entertained generations upon generations of moviegoers.
These past few years, an unlikely pairing has captured the imagination of showbiz fanatics. Both young, good-looking and extremely talented, John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo displayed a wholesome on-screen chemistry that's rare to find these days.
In the blockbuster hit A Very Special Love and its sequel You Changed My Life, they've proven that, together, they have an unlimited ability to tickle the Filipino's romantic sensibilities.
Their well-loved pairing hasn't gone unnoticed. Popular brand 555 Corned Tuna, tagged as 'kids' newest favorite food,' has chosen both John Lloyd and Sarah to be the brand's spokespersons. “They are the perfect endorsers for the product. These two stars are talented, wholesome and really well-loved by kids. What's more, they're good role models for the children too,” said senior brand manager Macky Macapagal during a media luncheon at Annabel's in Tomas Morato.
“The label delivers everyday affordable nutrition. It is ready-to-serve and the only one with the home-style ginisa taste perfect for meals or merienda, and as toppings to rice or spaghetti. Besides, moms will have no more problem letting kids eat fish,” she added.
Both kids at heart, John Lloyd and Sarah are delighted to join the growing Century Pacific family, manufacturer of 555 Tuna and other well-known brands as Century Tuna, Argentina Corned Beef, Birch Tree and Angel Evaporated Milk.
“I'm so grateful for 555 Corned Tuna's trust in us; and doubly happy 'coz I'm doing this campaign with Sarah. 555 Corned Tuna is a favorite of mine, especially when I'm beat and tired and needs to relax with comfort food. I feel good because it's not only savory, it's peculiar taste also brings back my childhood memories of home-cooked food,” shared John Lloyd.
“Kids have lots of food options these days including healthy ones and those that are so easy to prepare. Thus, food products have widened their marketability tremendously. And food has an altogether different market all its own,” opined John Lloyd.
The newest addition to the growing 555 Tuna brand, 555 Corned Tuna is as mouth-watering, convenient and affordable as the brand's 13 other delicious lutong-bahay flavors: Afritada, Caldereta, Mechado, Adobo, Sisig, Laing, Lechon Paksiw, Bistek Tagalog, Bicol Express, Barbecue, Sweet & Spicy, Hot & Spicy, and Flakes in Oil.
“I'm equally happy for the chance to endorse a tasty product. I'm a kid at heart so I'm proud to give awareness to value-conscious mothers. I usually eat it – breakfast, lunch, snack-time and supper – even on shoots as it's so easy to prepare. No cooking's needed; just pop it in the microwave for 10 seconds or simply heat in a pan on your stove and you'll feel its sauteed goodness. Each can contains real onion and garlic bits so you need not go through all the hassle of cooking the condiments separately,” added Sarah.
Moms can easily make creative merienda recipes out of the product like corned tuna pandesal, corned tuna toasted bread pizza or even use it as toppings for pancit canton. The possibilities are plentiful.
With its trademark Sarap-Ginisa taste, 555 Corned Tuna has become the favorite of kids. It is healthy as it is rich in Omega-3 that's good for the heart, has protein that helps children grow, and is fortified with Vitamin A for better eyesight and immune system.
The first-ever to offer Sarap-Ginisa in a corned tuna packaging, 555 doesn't need the tedious gisa preparations as it already contains real onion bits and minced garlic so it can be enjoyed straight from the can.
And with John Lloyd and Sarah endorsing this newest treat, kids will have even more reasons to look forward to in every meal or snack-time. The label now joins the ranks of tasty tummy ticklers that kids love.
“The Century Canning Corp is celebrating its 30th year in the industry since opening in 1980. We market the most famous brands in the world. We have the biggest food processing plants in the region and we've been exporting since the '80s. And we are proudly the official tuna of the 2008 Beijing Olympics,” declared VP Gold Tantoco.
555 Corned Tuna is a quality product of the Century Canning Corporation. John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo will pair anew for the third installment of their love-team movie that will hit the screens by First Quarter 2011.


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