PLDT's 'Bossing Ako' Campaign

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By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Twelve ambassadors highlighted PLDT's Bossing Ako campaign launch that unfolded recently at the NBC Tent inside the sprawling Bonifacio Global City grounds. The nationwide campaign was kicked-off with the introduction of the song Para sa mga Bossing as performed by OPM rock icon Rico Blanco, in collaboration with Journey's lead-vocalist Arnel Pineda. The song's release showcased a new anthem and rallying cry for Pinoy entrepreneurs – past, present and future.
“The entrepreneurs we tapped for this campaign are all great examples of SMEs that others could look up to for inspiration. The selection is both diverse and top-notch, representing various business enterprises and their success stories,” intoned marketing head Amil Azurin.
The Bossing Ako campaign aims to encourage more Filipinos to strive to become their own boss by becoming entrepreneurs. It also seeks to inspire Filipino small-to-medium-scale entrepreneurs (SMEs) to continue striving for success and courageously meet the challenges of growing their businesses.
“We are on a nationwide campaign to encourage a new generation of Filipino entrepreneurs. The Philippines needs more of them in order to ensure our economic future. As we forge on forward into the 21st century, we'll need more SMEs to provide more jobs for more income and eventually stronger purchasing power,” enthused VP and campaign head Kat Luna-Abelarde.
The Generics Pharmacy has expanded its network from a single main outlet into 840 branches, all in the span of three years! In contrast, it's biggest competitor took 65 years to establish its 700 branches. Owner Benjamin Liuson credits franchising as the crucial growth driver of his business; but he also says that TGP is successful because it serves a basic need of Filipinos: quality, effective and affordable medicines. Incredibly, the Philippines has the highest cost of medicines in Asia, next to Japan. TGP sells medicines for as low as 25 percent to as much as 10 percent of the retail price in regular drug stores. Liuson considers his business an advocacy as well. “Medicines and health care are a basic right, not a privilege, of Filipinos. By offering low-priced, yet effective formulations, TGP is contributing to the health of Filipino families and the entire country.”
Ronald Pineda, a licensed dentist, turned his passion for clothing and fashion merchandise into establishing the Folded & Hung label. His stores have a solid reputation for being trendy and chic in their choices of apparel, accessories and scents. If you're a middle-class fashionista or even an upper-crust maven who finds the prices of foreign brands outrageous, then the brand offers what you need. F&H now has 35 outlets in the biggest malls across the country. Pineda says the secret to succeeding in the fashion trade is to be constantly creative and inventive. “The only way to predict the future is to invent it.”
Simply put, there would be no beauty industry in the Philippines without Vicky Belo. She introduced revolutionary methods in liposuction and other cosmetic procedures and treatments as she focused her practice into the surgical aspects of dermatology. She took her mission to a higher level by introducing Belo Essentials, a collection that brings beauty products and treatment to a more mass-based market; giving even domestic house-help the chance to experience 'beauty by Belo.” There are now seven Belo clinics all over Metro Manila. She now has an able partner in daughter Cristalle, who helps in developing the Essentials line. Vicky says her dream is to make everybody beautiful because it is a great equalizer. “Beautiful people have an unfair advantage over those who are average-looking.”
Coming from a family of successful entrepreneurs, one might think that Joey Concepcion had it easy. On the contrary, he said he didn't even get any allowance as a student. He said his father wanted him to learn to make his own money at an early age so he could get what he wanted. Today, even as president and CEO of RFM Foods Corp., he still gets inspired to set up small businesses. One of these is Joey Pepperoni, a pizza chain. “I enjoy building brands. I thought of Joey Pepperoni as something that I could set-up and later pass on to my kids, if they want it.” Concepcion is also one of the founders of the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship, which created the brand GoNegosyo, as the name for a movement that they've started. This alliance aims to help more Filipinos become entrepreneurs and turn the Philippines into a nation of millionaires. Ain't that the grandest vision ever?
Even as a youngster, Lily Monteverde loved the movies and would even cut classes just to watch them. Mother, as she is endearingly called, also had a knack for business at a tender age. After she got married, she started a popcorn stall business. With her earnings, she produced her first movie in the 1970s. Today, she's one of the most powerful figures in show business and a legend in the history of Philippine cinema. She has produced over 300 films to date.
Also representing the Bossing Ako movement are Les Reyes (Reyes HairCutters), Gardy Cruz (Pancit Malabon Express), Raphael & Jenni Soon (North Park), siblings Darius and Carlos Hizon (Pampanga's Best), Louie & Dulzzi Gutierrez (Silverworks) and Jay Aldeguer of Island Souvenirs for promoting his love for the country through his tourism-inspired souvenir business.
The roster of top entrepreneurs would not be complete without PLDT chairman and Burger King Phils. owner Manny V. Pangilinan. As head of the top company in the country, MVP is the ultimate bossing role model. He also owns ABC TV-5, Cignal Digital Television and Smart Communications, the leading cellular network provider in the entire archipelago. He said encouraging Filipino entrepreneurship is the best way to resuscitate millions from the grip of poverty. “I was born poor, but poor was not born in me. That's why I say that remaining poor is nobody's destiny. Every Pinoy can be a bossing and help create livelihood, jobs, and bring wealth to this nation. I would like to do my part in helping my countrymen move from poverty to a more prosperous and abundant life.”
The mid-year grand launch will be followed by another celebration soon - the MVP Bossing Ako awards night, named in honor of PLDT's chairman Manny V. Pangilinan, this coming October, in partnership with the GoNegosyo alliance.
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