Frederick Peralta's Holiday 2010 Collection

Glimpses from Hollywood
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Highly-acclaimed fashion designer Frederick Peralta unveiled his fabulously-concocted Holiday 2010 collection recently at the onset of this year's Philippine Fashion Week. Eye-arresting colors, scintillating silhouettes and old Hollywood glamor splayed the runway, piece after piece, through an ingeniously choreographed blocking by ace fashion director Cata Figeueroa Jr.
“I had several inspirations with this Holiday collection and they're all taken from the movies. The men's suit concept was from Chester Gould's comic-strip detective flick Dick Tracy,” enthused Frederick, moments after curtain call.
Duo-tone lapels, chino collars, textured coats, linen jackets and trench coats, some with piping details and embellished with ascots and hats, comprised the masterfully-cut men's wear collection.
“The hooded body-hugging gowns were inspired by John Fowles' bestseller The French Lieutenant's Woman and so with the rest of my hooded dresses, while bouffant gowns with degraded jewel tones were inspired by Walt Disney's Princess Diaries. The remaining men's all-black collection were inspired by the Jacky Chan movie The Tuxedo. Hollywood had a lot of impact in my design conceptualization,” apprised the multi-awarded designer.
A cerulean-lined hooded ruched dress, a trumpet-hemmed canary yellow-lined jersey gown and deep-backed cowl necklines brought to the fore images of Meryl Streep from Karel Reisz's screen adaptation of the John Fowles classic.
Spangled, asymmetrical numbers and Sabrina-collared shifts spelled '60s glamor along with frilled hems & sleeves, sheer torso dresses and brocade minis. Ruffled collars, tiered skirts, flounced & frilled ensembles and pleating like origami artworks provided minute detailing. Lace over multi-colored stripes afforded a Southern ethnic flavor.
Now on its 13th Year, the Philippine Fashion Week (PFW) has evolved into the premier and largest fashion event in the archipelago. Staged bi-annually by Runway Productions, it is the brainchild of siblings Audie & Joey Espino. The event aims to unify the emerging Philippine fashion industry and to create, first and foremost, the ingenuity of the Filipino talent from the stable of established and upcoming fashion designers to fashion brands slated to become the industry's next big names.
“A lot of the fabrication used were mainly of Mikado silk, plus fully-sequined soft tulles, layers upon layers of tulle degraded in different shades of jewel tones, and a lot of experimental embroideries and textured textiles. For the men's suits, fabrics were composed of pure linen, heavy crepe, gabardine wool and brocades,” shared Frederick.
Impeccable ruching, cowl draping, sheer & sexy lace jumpsuits, black-and-white ensembles, peek-a-boo detailing, and red cummerbunds hinted of glimpses from Hollywood's glorious era of movie queens. And for a breath of something current, a Cruella de Ville dalmatian-inspired full-skirted ensemble made a welcoming comeback. The high fashion parade went on to feature a melon-colored serpentina and metallic-toned boleros that simply illustrated a line from the Walt Disney animation Aladdin: shining, shimmering, splendid!
With years of trend-setting flair behind it, the PFW has morphed into the launch pad for both local and global fashion and entertainment as well as lifestyle & beauty labels. Aside from providing its diverse audience a preview of up-to-the-minute forecasts that combine style and function, PFW hopes to be the catalyst that would propel the country unto the international fashion scene.
Paying homage to the Mayflower Festival, five dolled-up sagalas enlivened the catwalk in their jewel-toned gowns - ruby, topaz, amethyst, emerald and a rainbow-colored ballgown with perfectly-speckled tulle skirts worn with multi-colored gem-encrusted bibs!
And as curtain closer, Frederick's piece-de-resistance, was an ebony tent gown with an intricate rose-lined hem and ostrich plume headdress! The deconstructed hanbok silhouette was worn to the hilt by model Wilma Doesn't.
The only collection that filled the venue to the rafters, Peralta's Holiday 2010 high-glam trunk engaged the fashion-forward audience with a melange of tastefully-concocted creations that streaked the runway in a delectable burst of color. Opulent yet never outlandish, the pieces presented luxurious fabrics skillfully cut to produce fabulous art pieces that merged arresting form with modern-day sensibilities.
The multi-awarded designer's latest collection stands at par, if not rises above, his equally remarkable designs from years previous. Peralta's Holiday 2010 trunk ranks as one of his best masterfully-crafted works.


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