Of iconic infusions and quiet moments
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

The frenetic pace of modern urban existence has led to a paradigm shift, such that luxury is no longer equated to goods but to time itself: precious moments of respite, reconnection and repose that an increasingly chaotic world rarely allows us.
Today, personal time is the newest sought-after commodity of the Filipino woman.
Premium ice-cream brand Haagen-Dazs is all about indulgence and special moments, both big and small, each and every day. Having long recognized the significance of having 'me-moments,' the brand encourages women everywhere to actively look for opportunities that create pockets of individual time: short, often simple and not terribly expensive, instances for personal rejuvenation; intending to encourage Filipinas to really take time out for themselves.
Through an extensive market survey, the brand came up with a market profile of its consumer. Nicknamed “Natalie,” the Haagen-Dazs woman is a career woman, may be married or single, who celebrates her own being by enjoying time for herself. Part of her quiet moment is to indulge in Haagen-Dazs ice-cream either by herself, with other like-minded lady friends, or loved ones.
Together with sounding this call, the brand, which commits itself to addressing consumer needs, has naturally taken steps to help create the 'me-time' experience through premium products, conducive settings and, of late, creative concoctions.
Haagen-Dazs created the super-premium ice-cream category in 1961, sourcing the best ingredients from the best countries worldwide where they're grown or produced; bringing their dense, creamy and famous slow-melting ice-cream to more than 50 countries around the globe (in retail locations, deluxe hotels and over 900 shops) for all to enjoy and savor.
What Haagen-Dazs is doing is help women give themselves permission to put up that 'do-not-disturb' sign and indulge in the perfect product and enjoying it in a perfect setting for moments to call their very own. And with the introduction of its new menu for the Philippine market, the brand is offering busy career women more reasons to do just that.
Done up like a coffee table book, Haagen-Dazs paid special attention to the new menu's overall lighting and color mood, aiming to create a soft, easy palette that goes well with the ambiance it is trying to set in-store. The new menu features warm, earth tones as well as an interplay of contemporary and classic items for a naturally relaxing vibe. With bigger and more appetizing photos, the result is a well-made menu that entices one to immerse and indulge.
Carefully thought-out and selected, the menu is a melting pot of the best creations from Asia and Europe that encourages consumers to become involved in the experience: to touch and explore; to feel excited by the act of making choices; and to discover fresh and unique tastes, textures and flavors.
“People are peeling back the layers of what they buy into; looking deeper for emotionally-rewarding experiences that help define their self-worth. That's what the Haagen-Dazs experience strives to give consumers: idyllic and special everyday moments of indulgence. Through our products and shops, we encourage women to constantly take that all important time out for themselves,” declared brand manager Cathy Castro.
The new menu includes iconic creations only available in select Haagen-Dazs shops around the metro. Sample their signature Fondue with 16 mouth-watering mini-scoops that includes Macademia Nut, Strawberry, Cookies & Cream and Coffee flavors. Also, revel in the new Sushi platters and take your pick from Dulce de Leche, Strawberry Gunkan, Kiwi Gunkan and/or Mango Sorbet. Or simply delight with their refreshing take on the classics like the all-time favorite Banana Split.
Apart from these, the highlights of the Haagen-Dazs menu are the indulgent new offerings for Filipino women: Joyful Party (taken from China) is bliss personified with its mini-scoops of vanilla, green tea and strawberry ice-cream with raspberry and mango sorbet on griddle cake garnished with almonds, cherries, pretzel sticks and chocolate sauce. Simply divine!
There's also the Banana Crepe Encounter with its smooth melding of macadamia nut ice-cream. This concoction was taken from France.
Lest you forget, there's the Fruity Journey (from Singapore), an adventurous creation with strawberry ice-cream, raspberry and mango sorbet and strawberry cheesecake ice cream with fresh fruits. Yummy!
For those who want to experiment, the menu features a Create-Your-Own section that allows diners to personalize their favorites through step-by-step instructions; taking them through an exciting process – from choosing flavor combinations to embellishing it with their chosen toppings. I went quite adventurous by fusing eclectic flavors. I began with Belgian Choco, then layered it with Macadamia Nut and Strawberry Cheesecake; garnishing it with a hint of strawberry sauce and chocolate cookie crumb toppings for a gloriously bitter aftertaste. Delish!
Other options include the Classic, Chocolate, Patisserie, Drinks, Indulgence and Cakes section.
Stopping to sit down and take pleasure in luxurious ice-cream creations by yourself (because you seldom are) or with people who matter most to you, and feeling, even just for these moments that time is on your side, is an indulgence worthwhile and well-spent.
“At the end of the day, it is all about creating an even more enhanced experience of indulgent moments for women and that going to our shops is a trip definitely worth looking forward to. We want to give them more reasons to enjoy life's little luxuries while affording them time to unwind and recharge as they prepare to once again take on the challenges and pressures of their respective busy lifestyles,” enthused Cathy.
Experience the all-new Haagen-Dazs menu at the SM Mall of Asia, The Atrium (2nd Level, SM Megamall) and Robinson's Place Ermita.


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