Staying young for life
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Ever wondered what the elusive 'fountain of youth' was? You might be surprised that the source is right inside our very bodies. “We want everyone to be running away from premature aging. When somatopause kicks in, from as early as 25 'til the mid '30s, you will feel the signs of aging, externally and internally. Somatopause is the natural process of aging through a series of hormonal changes and/or level of growth. At this stage, our mental acuity diminshes and our body glands turn smaller,” informed Immuvit brand manager Valerie Sison during the media huddle prior to the 3-km weekend marathon.
“Immuvit is a vitamin supplement with the right combination of multi-vitamins and the anti-oxidant properties of CoQ10 and two ginseng varities, that, when coupled with a balanced diet and a good fitness program results in a physique younger beyond its actual age,” she added.
Immuvit's Run Against Time campaign, held at the Bonifacio Global City, was aimed at encouraging and educating people on how they can maintain their youthful vitality and vigor well into their maturity.
The event, which consisted of a two-part program packed with insightful lectures from US-certified coach Jim Saret and lifestyle-change coach and extreme outdoor sportsman Bobby Del Castillo as well as a 3-km cardiovascular endurance training run around Bonifacio High Street, saw the country's top professional runners like Cris Sabal, Aileen Tolentino, Isidro Villadosal and Maricel Maquilan sweating it out alongside the amateurs.
“The idea behind the event is to promote the idea that despite somatopause as being inevitable, we can do something to manage it proactively,” declared Valerie Sison, speaking on behalf of Pascual Consumer Healthcare Corp., makers of multi-vitamin supplement Immuvit.
“We know that eating a well-balanced diet keeps our body healthy and strong. But because of our hectic lifestyle, sometimes, it is not enough. People in their somatopause phase will also need the right multi-vitamin to supplement their diet,” she intoned.
Immuvit is the only multi-vitamin in the market that contains the powerful combination of CoQ10 and two ginseng variants: the Korean RPC and Siberian variety.
“Basically, somatopause is the weight gain and metabolism slowdown that typically happens when you hit the end of the calendar. It's going to happen, whether we like it or not,” explained Coach Saret, who is the speed and conditioning coach of RP SMART Gilas national basketball team.
In his lecture, “Discovering the Fountain of Youth: How to Age Younger,” he shared his knowledge regarding somatopause, the parameters of fitness, and what it really means to defy aging.
One of the highlight's of Coach Saret's informative talk was the demonstration of his exercise regimen designed to combat aging – the 4-minute Meta Fit routine; a short but intense workout that enables one to burn up to 600 calories in just a few minutes of exercise. The high-intensity cardiovascular exercise combination can be achieved in 10 minutes or less. You begin with a 5-count 90-degree air squat press, followed by 10 push-ups, then finally with 10 counts of step jumps. You then repeat the process twice or thrice daily for optimum results. The intensity of the workout was evident on the faces of the attendees who took part in the demo. But more importantly, the routine has been scientifically-proven to trigger the release of the growth hormone somatotropin, our body's 'fountain of youth,' whose decline is directly related to trigger the onset of somatopause.
The most apparent manifestation of the phase is weight gain due to metabolism slowdown which generally happens when we hit the mid '30s. This is triggered by the decline in the body's production of the amino acid polypeptide 191, known in scientific parlance as somatotropin. Thus, somatopause occurs. To retard this stage, we best stay in shape through proper diet, supplementation and regular exercise.
Coach Del Castillo underscored the importance of developing good habits in fighting ageing through his lecture, “Anti-Aging, De-Aging and Aging gracefully: Debunking the Myths of Nutrition and Supplementation.”
The 57-year-old Del Castillo is one of the living examples of age-defying fitness. He is currently preparing for his one-man expedition across the South Pole as part of his campaign against climate change. For one month, he will be pulling a 150-kilo sled seven hours a day, in one of the most unforgiving places in the planet; retracing Marco Polo's steps on the Gobi Desert.
“Optimize yourself everyday. Make the commitment and deal with your frailties. Have a mindset on how old you wanna be. Only do realistic and injury-free exercise routines. You'd know if you're doing it right because your heart will tell you: 220 less your age (for men) and 230 less age for women. Diet and hydration are also very important. Remember, if you don't eat, you'll store fat. And if you don't drink, your body will store water. Part of proper nutrition is absorption and detoxification. Fasting can do wonders to the body especially for those that intake large doses of protein; so as to prevent ketosis. Meditate often as this brings the heart rate down; aside from it being a sort of detachment from the chaos around us. And lastly, take on stewardship. Take care of your bodies because it is the temple of our spirits,” imparted the celebrated golfer and columnist.
Cardiovascular endurance, strength and flexibility makes one fit; but bear in mind that all these three qualities must be together at all times.
After its very successful event last month, Immuvit Run Against Time will hold its second leg this Sunday, Sept. 26 around the Greenhills Shopping Center grounds.


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