ShoeMart's Greenbag Initiative

SM betters carbon imprint with MOB
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Rapid changes in the Earth's climate continues to cause undesirable effects on the environment. Concerned groups and individuals make lifestyle adjustments that help combat the issue. Thus, when it comes to the welfare of Mother Nature, an increasing number of advocates, including influential entities and personalities are making their 'green' voices heard.
At SM Supermarket's silver anniversary kick-off, celebrities made themselves seen and heard as they green-lighted the launch of SM's My Own Bag (MOB), aka Greenbag, initiative. It's a move to help renew the face of the Earth by reducing our waste; not only in replacing every plastic bag but also in sustaining programs that promote recycling for a cleaner and greener environment for all.
“Let's all take small actions now coz they make a difference in the long run. Here's hoping that our partnership with SM will last not just for the next 25 years but for 25 decades more,” declared environmentalist Jan Zijderveld, who flew to Manila to grace the occasion.
With SM's MOB, we help make our rivers flow with life by protecting and rehabilitating our seas and other bodies of water be free of plastic so they once again teem with marine life and sustain millions of Filipinos. With steadfast support, we'll forever breathe cleaner and more pristine air by reducing components to air pollution from our riverbeds.
Corollary to this movement, let's also spark a revolution in smarter energy and only patronize projects that increase awareness about energy conservation. That everyone uses fuel responsibly, thus everybody wins.
Leading the MOB cause were celebrity couple and long-time SM Greenbag endorsers Zoren Lagaspi and Carmina Villaroel, who brought along their twins Mavy & Cassy to join their eco-shopping advocacy.
“We've been endorsers of the SM Greenbag for some time now. This year, we found the chance to let Cassy & Mavvy join in on our advocacy to help reduce plastic consumption. This is our small way of raising awareness on how to help save our ailing environment,” shared Zoren.
The two proud parents were also eager to share with the attendees their eco-friendly shopping lifestyle. “We're a family who brings our own reusable bags when shopping. Even our cars have stocks just in case we do some groceries in a huff,” Carmina added.
Newscaster Suzi Abrera, who hosted the launch of SM's pioneering Greenbag efforts, was glad to be working with her husband Paolo for another worthy cause. “I'm very happy because I've been given another chance to be part of this meaningful event; not just for SM Supermarket's 25th anniversary but more importantly for the Greenbag. And this time around, my husband is with me,” beamed the proud mother.
Other local personalities did their part as they helped spread awareness on protecting the environment. Miss Earth 2009 Larisa Ramos of Brazil and our very own Karla Paula Henry, Miss Earth 2008, together with local beauty titleholders, modeled the green lifestyle as they sashayed on the catwalk with the SM Greenbag.
SM's Food Council, comprised of 25 young and hip shoppers, including successful young entrepreneur Cristalle Belo Henares, celebrity chef Tristan Encarnacion, traffic reporter Love Anover, Survivor Palau castaway Jef Gaitan and Unilever food solutions executive chef Joanne Limoanco graced the affair too.
At the close of the event, SM's Hendrik Sy invited guests to the pledge wall and were invited to write down their commitment for the environment. Cristalle Henares pledged to plant 100,000 tress in five years time despite her busy schedule as scion of the country's top beauty empire.
Along with Cristalle and other young celebrities, Hendrik encouraged the youth to be part of the green generation and take into their own hands the saving of the environment.
As of press=time, the SM Greenbag initiative has donated 9712 seedlings for the Nasugbu tree planting and reforestation project.
With SM Supermarket's cause of promoting the reusable SM Greenbag, by airing celebrities' voices, other shoppers wold hopefully follow suit and help lessen plastic consumption of the buying public. And if everyone practices a greener lifestyle, even in their own small ways, issues like global warming and deforestation would be things of the past.


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