Avida Global City Twin Towers

Finding a new home in BGC
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Avida Land Corp. breaks ground at the Bonifacio Global City (BGC) as it prepares to move in at the sprawling community that realty insiders refer to as the 'home of passionate minds.'
Amidst the recognition it has earned, marking its 20th anniversary last year, Avida Land Corp. still won't rest on its laurels. The company is in fact looking towards expanding its territory even further and break new grounds with more developments as well as a new headquarters site topping its lineup.
As of 2010, Avida has produced around 40,000 fully constructed house-and-lot and condominium units; transforming close to 800 hectares of idle land in idyllic communities, and launched an impressive 38-project portfolio in 16 locations across the country.
In 2003, Avida gave nascence to its 9-tower Sucat property. The following years saw developments in New Manila, San Lorenzo, Makati West, San Lazaro, Alabang, Cebu, and now at the BGC. “We will be in more places in the rest of Metro Manila this year. We are currently undergoing a development project in Manadaluyong along Edsa on a 1.2-hectare prime property. It would be a mix-use concept with retail spaces to be run by the Ayala malls that would roughly cover 1/8 of the entire facility. We also just launched the Avida Village in Iloilo City very recently.
“There was a tremendous market turnout last year across the board that we have decided to revise our original plans to accommodate growing demands,” declared Ayala Land Inc. senior VP Rex Mendoza. Last year alone, Avida made around 10,000 units available to the market and added 102 hectares to its total land development.
Avida president Leo Montenegro agrees that the past year had been a good one for the realty industry as a whole. “There were more launches from different companies, ergo more buyers. It also became more challenging to sell because of the competition,” he said.
Yet despite all that the company has accomplished, Avida shows no signs of slowing down; expanding its reach towards untapped market sectors especially in Europe.
“While London-based Pinoy professionals account for our sister company Alveo's clientele, 40 percent of Avida's client base are from our Milan and Rome markets. We are the only foreign-based company selling in Europe as against other realtors who only send their agents. We actively sell throughout Europe through our sales and marketing office, the Avida SRL,” intoned Mr. Montenegro.
As part of the company's expansion plans, which will also serve as a testament to its trust in their products and people, Avida will soon relocate its headquarters in what has become the most coveted business address in the entire country – the Bonifacio Global City.
Dubbed as the “home of passionate minds,” the BGC will serve as the perfect venue for Avida employees to hone their skills and passions in delivering quality and affordable homes to the country's hardworking middle class.
Avida is likewise introducing a community at this very sought-after location with the erection of the Global City Twin Towers. Here, one will find quality condominium units amidst an exciting and pulsating environment surrounded by posh lifestyle establishments and dining destinations. It is an address that is accessible through public transport and just a few minutes drive from the Makati central business district. With units from its second tower now up for grabs, this Global City project will soon be home both for Avida and the people they serve.
“The first tower will have 14 storeys while the second will have 16. The former will be delivered by the first quarter of 2014 while the latter by the last quarter of 2014. We are the most affordable Ayala development project. The living experience is tackled as always. All the basic needs will be there. We` also consider the total development and density per floor at 20 units max. Plus, we've also created measures to address any temporary power failure that may occur.
“All floors will have garbage chutes for proper waste disposal. We'll employ the portrait-type unit placements so as to provide ventilation and illumination at the front and back. The property management will ensure smooth living conditions for its homeowners,” enthused residential buildings head Dez B. Cruz.
“So in the end, the facilities will be continually used. It won't be anything outlandish that starts big only to be closed after a short time for high overhead maintenance which becomes burdensome to the homeowners to pay in monthly dues. Even the short-term leases will be handled by the management especially if the homeowners, like OFWs, use their units very rarely. We'll even screen their tenants for them and handle the entire transaction from ingress to egress,” Dez added.
Avida's new headquarters will likewise occupy two floors of the Global City Towers podium. It is expected to be finished by the end of next year.


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