R.A. 10054 - Mandatory Helmet Law

Sen. Bong's Bill for Safety
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Sen. Bong Revilla has proven, time and again, his status as certified box-office star. His movie in the recently concluded Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), and that of years previous, show his consistency in topping the tills.
However, entertaining moviegoers and protecting filmmakers rights are not the only priorities in his mandate. Making sure that motorists are safe on the road is also his primary concern. Thus, he penned R.A. 10054, otherwise known as The Mandatory Helmet Law.
Revilla urged Malacañang to certify his bill, in the wake of continuing rise of motorcycle accidents in the country. “We cannot wait any longer. The country is in dire need of a Helmet Law. We must instill in our motorcycle riders a sense of discipline in obliging them to wear standard protective helmets. This is for their own good,” he said.
Under the new law, all motorcycle riders, both driver and back-rider, must wear standard protective helmets while riding motorcycles, whether on long or short rides, at any time of the day, in any type of road and highway. Only drivers of tricycles are exempted from this law.
The lawmaker said he is confident that the Mandatory Helmet Act will serve its purpose by reducing the high number of serious injuries and deaths in accidents involving motorcycles. “From narrow streets to major thoroughfares, motorcycles and scooters are a common sight each day and night. Wearing helmets will greatly reduce fatalities in road accidents and would also boost a sense of discipline in all motorcycle riders,” he pointed out.
Senator Bong Revilla is likewise Suzuki’s Brand & Road Safety Ambassador. According to Suzuki Philippines President Satoshi Uchida, “As a young, dynamic legislator, Senator Bong is a hero to millions of Filipino youth. He is the perfect role model to lead Suzuki’s vision of an exciting way of life. Through his support, we can enhance riding safety among motorcycle riders.”
Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jr. is a motorcycle enthusiast who rides a 2009 Suzuki Intruder, a cruiser with a twin-cam 1800cc engine that promotes Suzuki’s S.A.F.E. (Safe, Active, Fashionable, and Easy to use) core values that all Suzuki products convey), in all its nationwide advocacy/campaign.
As brand ambassador, Senator Revilla endorses the Suzuki Thunder 125; a trend-setting backbone city-sports bike that enthusiasts say has the feel of a Big Bike on a Small Bike. The Thunder is also very fuel efficient. With its technologically-advanced engine, it gives enough torque and power while balancing the two well for a more powerful, yet, environment-friendly ride.
Its comfortable handling and seating position makes it a true city bike, geared for the lone urban rider. Despite being a 'small bike,' the Thunder 125 feels bigger and is more complex than most small bikes. Enthusiasts say that experienced riders are the ones that can get the most out of the Thunder 125. It has all the amenities of other motorcycles in Suzuki's line up, including an integrated lower engine cowling, dynamic speedometer with gear indicator, lightweight alloy wheels, sporty muffler, electric/kick starter, and dependable front
disc brake. The Suzuki Thunder is the perfect machine for city streets, where riding is an everyday adventure for motorcycle users in the urban setting.
The Senator is also a fan of the Suzuki big bikes such as the fastest production super sports bike Suzuki Hayabusa 1300cc, the racing GSX-R 1000cc, and the street-fashioned Suzuki Gladius 650cc.
Senator Bong Revilla truly knows the ins and outs of motorcycle riding; handling the best of these motorcycles with the added discipline and control that all riders should have.


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