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Chinese New Year at the Manila Pavilion
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Peony Garden celebrates the Year of the Metal Rabbit with Prosperity Yee Shang menu options. Manila Pavilion Hotel marks the beginning of the new Lunar Year with culinary offerings and events to bring good luck and prosperity to revelers beginning Jan 26.
“We hope that the Year of the Metal Rabbit will usher in more prosperity and good fortune for all Waterfront properties especially the Manila Pavilion Hotel, as we undertake a major renovation this March. With the rabbit's calm and relaxed manner yet prolific nature, Manila Pavilion looks forward to another fruitful year as we unveil new and exciting features towards the fourth quarter of 2011; making the hotel a prime destination of corporate and leisure travelers in the bay area,” enthused general manager Christopher Park.
As the hotel's signature Malaysian-Cantonese fine dining outlet, Peony Garden's Yee Shang menus beckon diners daily for lunch and dinner. The prosperity dish is more popularly known in Singapore and Malaysia as Yusheng or Yuu Sahng. This raw fish salad is known to symbolize abundance, prosperity and vigor.
Yee Shang, likewise known as Lo Hei in some quarters, is often served as part of a multi-dish dinner; usually as appetizer due to its symbolism of 'good luck' for the new year. Some would consume it on Renri, the seventh day of the Chinese New Year, although in practice, it may be eaten on any convenient day.
The base ingredients are first served. The leader amongst the dining group or the restaurant server proceeds to add ingredients such as fish, crackers and sauces while saying 'auspicious wishes' (Jixiang Hua) as each ingredient is added, typically related to the specific ingredient being added. For example, phrases such as Nian Nian You Yu are auttered as the fish is added, as the word Yu, which means “surplus” or “abundance,” sounds the same as the Chinese word for fish which is likewise “yu.”
All diners at the table then stand up and on cue, proceed to toss the shredded ingredients unto the air with chopsticks while saying “Lo Hei” out loud. It is believed that the height of the toss will reflect the height of each diner's growth in fortunes; thus diners are expected to toss enthusiastically.
Reunite and strengthen ties with your loved ones and toss your way to prosperity and fortune while beckoning wishes for abundance and success as you dine. A variety of Prosperity Yee Sang a la carte options combine the vibrant flavors of red and green fruits paired with fresh vegetables, choice spices and crisp flour crackers including choices for jelly fish, salmon, shrimp and/or local abalone.
Enjoy their Braised pumpkin with Chinese ham and minced beef soup, a creamy broth with crunchy bits of pumpkin and meat. Fowl lovers will surely delight in their Prosperity chicken with Chinese herbs, a yummy game dish with hints of exotic spices.
Those who love fish, will surely revel in the Duo combination of steamed and deep-fried garoupa. Two ways of cooking, both delectable. So, choose one or both. And don't forget the sweet-sourish Deep fried happiness prawns for those crustacean cravings.
Vegetarians too will have a field day with their tasty Homemade bean curd stuffed with prawn paste and chef's sauce. This one you'll surely relish to the last bite! And for a sense of forever, savor their plate of well-prepared Longevity noodles with diced meat and vegetables. The choices are really tailor-made for a festive feast of both palate and the senses.
So. usher in the new Lunar Year of the Metal Rabbit with an auspicious Yee Shang dish for lunch and/or dinner. Yee Shang a la carte and Chef's recommendation menus are also available as dining options. Chef recommendation Yee sang menus made by Peony Garden's creative culinary team will proffer lucky dishes like Pork knuckle with dried mussels; Steamed lobster and dried scallop with superior stock; Roast duck and suckling pig combination; Rice in clay pot with dried meat and vegetables; and Braised abalone and sea cucumber with sea moss and mushrooms, amongst many other choices.
On the day of the Chinese New Year, Feb. 3, Manial Pavilion will feature merry-making activities that are designed to augur good fortune and bring good chi in the Year of the Rabbit like the lively traditional lion & dragon dances by the Chinatown Dance Group, lucky 'ang pao' giving, as well as outdoor firecrackers display.
Three Chinese New Year set menus have been created for a group of ten persons – The Prosperity, Double Happiness, and Fortune set options – that all feature an exquisite selection of nine courses each, offering diners a wide array of delicacies to celebrate the festive new Lunar Year. The Prosperity Yee sang culinary promotion runs until February 17. Lucky Ninko or Tikoy are available for gifts or giveaways. For more information, simply call the Peony Garden through tel. no. 526-1212 extension 2303.
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