Dr. Carl E. Balita's Self-help Book

Are you ready for 'Prosperity'?
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

EntrePinoy Guru Dr. Carl E. Balita launched recently a learning guide to wealth and abundance in a self-help book simply entitled “Prosperity.” The book features insights from his experience as a motivational speaker and entrepreneur to help Filipinos find their way out of restricting mindsets and lead them to live a life of prosperity. The book also includes quotes and quips from the world's most successful men and women.
The author, host of multi-awarded DZMM's 'Radyo Negosyo' program, authored the book to provide an answer to the proverbial question: what do I have to do to be successful and happy being rich? 'Prosperity' features 26 interviews of Filipino luminaries that include Gawad Kalinga founder Tony Meloto, Hapee toothpaste CEO Cecilio Pedro, speaker Sonny Belmonte and Fr. Gerry Orbos. “The chapters are filled with beautifully written stories by successful people; each with a purpose-driven vision and relevant mission. It's about self-management, passion, excellence, resilience amidst adversity and the yearning to learn,” Dr. Balita enthused. Contributing writers such as the psychic StarGazer, feng shui consultant Joy Lim and best-selling author Chinkee Tan are likewise featured.
“Not all successful people are happy as not all happy people are successful. The book provides a roadmap to both,” he added. The author is a self-made man from a middle-class family. His diverse educational orientation provides for a beautiful harmony of perspectives. He made waves as the EntrePinoy Guru when he started the “Balik 'Pinas EntrePinoy Program” in 1999; enabling more than 6,000 Filipinos to come back home and be reunited with their families as 'entrepinoys.'
He has, since then, helped tens of thousands budding entrepreneurs get into the entrepreneurial plunge, equipping them with proper competencies and mindsets. The Asian Wall Street noticed the impact that it said he was the “man who could electrify the crowds and bring the audience on their feet.”
This paved the way for his transition to radio when DZMM took him in as host of Radio Negosyo in 2000. Dr. Balita promotes entrepreneurship and new business ideas and is a 'serial entrepreneur' himself; owning some nine enterprises in various field. Under his leadership, Radyo Negosyo has been awarded by various radio authorities such as the Catholic Mass Media Awards (CMMA) and the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) Golden Dove Awards.
He explained that prosperity is the optimal use of one's life for a meaningful and fruitful journey in the generous universe filled with life-giving forces and enriching relationships.
The book uses mind maps made by leading mind map specialist Raju Mandhayan. It also ventures on practical life applications. “The maps will aid us as we are scatter-brained most of the time. When we are alone, we want to think. Each person can come up with 60,000 ideas a day and some of them are truly brilliant!” Dr. Balita elucidated. Eleven artworks are beautifully adapted from the paintings exhibited at Cristy Fermin's Obra ni Nanay art gallery. The full-color pieces provide chapter introduction to set the mood as well as evoke a message to the reader.
Dr. Balita has been hailed Best Public Service Program host by KBP in 2009. Radyo Negosyo airs every Saturday at 7 in the evening.
“This book is one that will inspire to aspire, teach dreams to work and will enable actions to evolve for ultimate success and happiness. I'm in the process of completing a workbook, or a theme book if you may call it. It's a specific Prosperity book; each for teens, kids, nurses, OFWs, micro-entrepreneurs, etc. It's for everybody. The Prosperity book is published so people can read what others talk about in my radio program,” Dr. Balita intoned. The author holds three professional licenses, a masters degree, a Doctor of Humanities as well as a Doctor of Education degree.
Celebrated TV personality and The Outstanding Young Men Awardee Karen Davila wrote the book's foreword while National Bookstore chairman & matriarch Socorro Ramos wrote the epilogue.


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