Magnolia Ice Cream

Exciting new flavors from tourist destinations
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Magnolia Ice Cream, the well-loved frozen delight brand we all grew up with, has embarked on a major effort to promote tourism in the Philippines by showcasing the flavors and colors of some of our country’s best tourist attractions: Guimaras in Western Visayas, Batangas & Laguna in Calabarzon, and Baguio in the Cordillera Autonomous Region (CAR).
Simply dubbed “Best of the Philippines Flavors Collection,” the six new mouth-watering cold treats were launched recently in cooperation with the Department of Tourism (DoT) and the respective local government units from each of the aforementioned destinations. Scoop up the best that the country’s produce has to offer; each with undeniable flavors translated into luscious ice cream treats.
“While we are known for our hospitality, one of the things that we find difficult to share with foreigners is Magnolia Ice Cream. It has captured the Filipino taste buds for several decades now. I particularly like their new packaging because it is touristic in its form,” enthused DoT secretary Ramon Jimenez.
Pagsanjan Falls and the many hot springs aren’t the only attractions that Filipinos and foreign tourists look for when they go to the province of Laguna. Visiting travelers can’t also seem to get enough of its savory macapuno. So now, there’s the Macapuno Langka and Macapuno Banana flavors that boast of the province’s celebrated coconut variety; each one fused with the fruity tropical flavors of either jackfruit or banana that’s just too good to resist.
Laguna’s tubwrap feature tourist spots like the Rizal Shrine, Hidden Valley, Pagsanjan Falls, St. Peter Alcantara Church and Mt. Makiling as well as the Anakalang and Luisiana Pandan festivals.
“Sam Miguel Corporation’s (SMC) first product entry was in the food category. It marketed Magnolia ice cream in 1925, making the brand 13 years shy of its centenary,” shared Francisco S. Alejo, president of SMC-Purefoods Company Inc., during the launching ceremonies.
Batangas is not only famous for its breathtakingly magnificent Taal Volcano that many visit just to admire. It is also known for its famed Barako coffee and exceptionally dark chocolate tablea. Thus, Coffee Crumble is reminiscent of the solid local taste of Batangas’ renowned coffee variety while Tsokolate Tablea is the first ice cream of its kind that oozes with the distinct aroma of pure tablea. The Batangas tubwrap highlightsthe Mt. Carmel Church of Lipa City, Taal Park, Calaruega Church, Jaybanga Lobo, Taal Volcano, Ambon-Ambon Falls, Malabrigo Lighthouse, Fantasy World, Mt. Malarayat, Acuatico San Juan Laiya and Cintal Coritos Garden Resort along with the Ala Eh Festival.
“We are happy that these provinces agreed to be featured in our new Magnolia flavors. We are hitting two birds with one stone by promoting all six with the country’s tourism program,” intoned Magnolia’s general manager Mayo Alcon.
Baguio, on the other hand, isn’t just the ‘Summer Capital of the Philippines,’ it also rules when it comes to producing the most sumptuous strawberries and ube tubers you’ll ever taste. Therefore, Ube Keso features Good Shepherd’s appetizing ube that’s combined with incredibly delightful cheese bits all fused into one smooth dessert.
“Magnolia is the first ice cream brand in the country and we know from experience that only Magnolia can satisfy the Pinoy palate. It is our responsibility to always produce the best quality products and make sure they are affordable to all walks of life, Alcon added.
While Guimaras’ locals are known for being sweet to everyone they meet, their mangoes are the best tasting and sweetest Mangifera indicus specie you’ll ever get to try! Mangoes & Cream fuses the best of Guimaras’ mangoes and blends them with luscious and rich cream that will surely excite your palate! It’s my personal favorite!
Sample all these new, world-class, homegrown and proudly Pinoy concoctions starting this festive month of May! Magnolia also introduced two new additions to its frozen delights line: Fizz, a mix of root-beer and vanilla ice cream on a stick; and Cookie Monster, a four-way choco-filled ice cream sensation which are both being endorsed by teen heartthrob Elmo Magalona.
If you can’t visit any of the destinations you’ve dreamt of going to, then you might as well “ingest” it. Yes folks, simply eat it! This is what Magnolia suggests as the next best thing you do: taking a vicarious ride unto the sights through your taste buds! And taking the first bite makes the ‘joyride’ even more delicious!


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