Matabungkay Beach Hotel

Nostalgia in the 21st century

By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

“The bill is part of the good news here!”

Linus Tiu, spokesperson

For over three decades now, Matabungkay Beach Hotel has remained one of the top destinations for both local and foreign tourists wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of urbanized city dwelling. And that’s probably because this ideal resort getaway for kith and kin is only two hours away from metropolitan Manila. Comfortable accommodations, a wide range of outdoor activities, pampering spa services as well as music and sports lounges all provide the total resort experience.

“In this country, any destination seems ‘made’ only after foreign tourists find what we fail to see. The main club house, where the reception area is, has retained the tropical architecture design of National Artist Leandro Locsin, whose pillars are made of coral stone. And we never cut the trees in and around the property as it adds to the comfort especially in this sweltering heat. Besides, they add a character to this place. We have something for all ages. If you’ve observed, we have ramps for wheelchairs because we have rooms dedicated for persons with disabilities,” enthused prexy Charley Leviste-Antonio.

Located in the seaside town of Lian in Batangas province, the resort hotel proffers sumptuous cuisine options, a relaxing ambiance and courteous prompt service. Affordable rates and ease of accessibility make this hideaway a preferred stopover for families, corporate outings and weekend barkada jaunts. Everyone, from lovelorn couples to families setting forth on a weekend spree, to corporations working to build team bonds, find bliss amid serene environs.

“The raft has always been a feature of our shoreline. It was launched as part of the local Balsa Festival when it began many years ago. We have a dive shop operated by a concessionaire who takes care of those who want to explore the underwater vista. We used to have a floating spa but it was very expensive to maintain so we transferred it indoors.

“To others it would seem that our challenge is to compete with new resorts because we are an old establishment but that’s where our strengths lie. We’ve been tried and tested. Filipinos always want new things but we can’t change the fact that we’re old. Fortunately, our loyal clientele liked how we maintained everything through the years. Like wine, if you mix the old with the new, the concoction goes to waste. But if you took care of it, it becomes vintage, a classic! “ Charley continued.

The hotel recently underwent renovations to upgrade its facilities. The result is a modern resort that has kept its roots; honoring the heritage that families have been enjoying for over thirty years now. Amenities are what set Matabungkay apart for it has the right mix of facilities and atmosphere for the city-weary traveler. Its array of services proves that the complete resort experience isn’t just about the beach anymore. “The resort started as a membership club in the ‘80s, the Matabungkay Beach Club. At the turn of the century, the property turned public and renovations started to accommodate everyone. We are the only private resort in this part of Batangas. And to keep abreast with the times, we join different travel fora and exhibitions,” apprized travel trade & events marketing manager Joie B. Oliveros.

As part of its pledge to give guests a memorable summer experience, the beach hotel threw a series of beach parties. Opening the festive fiesta season in grand fashion was the Bloomfields concert “Unang Hirit sa Tag-init.” The rock quartet is known for their Beach Boys-Beatles inspired brand of music, creating the perfect mood setter to a night on the beach as guests partied with their favorite cold beverages or cocktail in hand.

A series of marketing blitzes have also been created for regular patrons that include pampering packages and special room rates. “Our regulars will rediscover their memories through the ambiance that remains despite the renovations. We’ll be turning 32 years old this year and huge changes in facilities are underway as each room will be equipped with modern fixtures and furnishings. Also, we are one of the very few hotels who use solar panels to heat water for the rooms. The entire hotel has 90 rooms, some of which are suites, superior family units and deluxe quarters plus 16 villas scattered all over the 5-hectare property. There’s an indoor music lounge, The Wave, as well as table tennis for indoor game aficionados. Outdoors, there’s a poolside bar and a camp site with grill area that can accommodate up to 50 tents,” Joie added.

This coming June, Matabungkay Beach Hotel will host the 1st Mountain Bike Challenge. Cycling enthusiasts and those who won’t be competing can take part of a tour of Brgy. Matabungkay through biking. The road race will eventually become an annual event of the hotel.

For more information and/or on-line booking, simply visit their Web site or call mobile # 0917-8341269. For the latest promotions, join their social network page:


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