Smart C+ Juice Drink

Keeping you young and healthy

By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

With the unpredictable weather patterns these days, it is inevitable to get sick especially for those who are prone to changes in the atmosphere. Taking daily supplements is one way to be more resistant against sudden illnesses. However, following this regimen with regularity can be a daunting task to most young people who always feel invincible.
But there’s an easy and refreshing way to boost your immune system – by simply drinking it as you would your favorite beverage! Smart C+ fruit drink has 500mg of ascorbic acid in every 500ml bottle so you can cope up with your body’s daily demands better.
Imagine having a refreshing drink that contains the equivalent Vitamin C of either eleven lemons, eight oranges or four grapefruits. That’s how much ascorbic acid is packed in each half-liter bottle.
“I like Smart C+ because it’s not too sweet and is so refreshing and healthy. My favorite variant is the Pomelo Grapefruit,” enthused PBB’s season 4 grand winner and brand ambassador Slater Young.
Besides boosting your immune system,Vitamin C enables your body to produce collagen, a protein essential to every cellular repair in our physique. This vital nutrient connects the tissues and supports the skin, bones and muscles, thus providing our systems the strength and resilience it needs to fight the daily wear and tear brought about by an active lifestyle.
“I’m trying to gain weight and beef up. I work out as much as five times a week or daily if my schedule permits. I lift weights to bulk up. No cardio yet,” he added.
Concocted by Oishi, the manufacturer of innovative and trend-setting snack products, Smart C+ is the company’s first venture into the ready-to-drink market. “Oishi wanted a new face for this campaign and I think they found what they were looking for in me. I was told I epitomize their target sector – the young crowd – who wants to try everything and who lead active lifestyles; just like me. I have good family values, possess leadership traits, is good-looking and live a healthy lifestyle. I go for extreme sports like bungee jumping and target shooting. But I also love to read self-help books and novels as well as the works of Paulo Cuelho on audio books and Kindle,” shared the 24-year-old licensed civil engineer from Cebu.
Smart C+ has 500 mg of Vitamin C in every 500ml bottle. It contains natural fruit juices and has no artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Smart C+ also comes in 350ml and 1 liter PET bottles and has three flavors: Lemon Squeeze, Orange Crush and Pomelo Grapefruit.
With Smart C+, getting daily doses of ascorbic acid has never been this conveniently refreshing. Watch Slater’s Smart-C TVC through this link, Slater will be seen in the forthcoming tele-serye “A Beautiful Affair” with John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonso on the Kapamilya network. He will play Bea’s nerdy cousin who’ll also play out his own affair with a yet-to-be-casted reel love interest. The said week night series will start to play on Oct. 29. “My dream role is to play dark characters. I left our family’s construction business for industrial warehouses, which I used to manage, to pursue my dreams in showbiz. I grew up watching John Lloyd and Bea’s tandem and now I’ll share screen time with them. Smart-C is my first TVC so I was on edge during the shoot. I was nervous because it’s my first everything. In showbiz, it’s assumed you’re paid to wait,” revealed the University of San Carlos alumnus.
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