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The new Boracay experience

By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

The paradisaical island of Boracay has been hailed recently as the world’s top island destination. Garnering 93 per cent of the votes, it toppled the equally panoramic views of Bali, the ancient splendor of Santorini on the Aegean Sea, and the scenic beaches of Hawaii in the South Pacific.
Just as timely as the foregoing accolade and the buzz that ensued, Crown Regency Hotels & Resorts have positioned three of the country’s most promising resorts on all stations of the island. The tempting and relaxing setting of Crown Regency Beach Resort is located right in the middle of Station 3, between the white sand beaches of Long Beach and the back waters with its rich reef and marine life; the serene and comforting Crown Regency Prince Resort in Station 1; and the inviting and luxurious Crown Regency Resorts and Convention Center in Station 2. From accommodations to adventure, the Crown Regency Group has all the bases covered throughout its sprawling 10-hectare property.
“Our Boracay properties will become the ‘destination of destinations.’ Our record shows thus far. We have the tallest hotel tower in Cebu with its sky adventure concept. We also have properties in Makati, Mactan Island, and Davao City with expansion plans for Panglao, Tagaytay, Iloilo and Coron.
“We all do this for tourism but without disturbing the natural setting of the properties. All the trees will be intact and form part of the development. We are here not to compete with other properties but to complement their services. Ultimately, our land/water adventures will simply become part of their guests’ itinerary. Visitors to the island can enjoy all our facilities in one place. We are located at the very center of Boracay. We are the only property that can easily go to either the long beach or back beach.
“The peak season brings 19 Korean flights weekly at the Kalibo Int’l Airport. The entry of other local airlines in both Kalibo and Caticlan brings a lot more tourists. Then there’s the RORO route from the Batangas pier straight to the Caticlan port via Super Ferry. In summer, it’s the local market that enjoys Boracay. During school opening, it’s the Korean vacationers that come here. In winter, international guests from cold countries head here. With Boracay voted as best island destination, the recognition created a global buzz.
“If the government will fully support the infrastructure facilities needed on the island, it will bring Boracay to higher heights. For example, a bridge connecting the island to Caticlan will prove to be more cost effective in many ways, especially at nights and when weather disturbances occur. Unloading with manual hauling is quite expensive. The 800 meter conduit can cut a lot of hassle. It will offer convenience for carrying supply cargo. It can also bring solid waste directly to the mainland as well as offer easy maintenance for water, which is so expensive, and communication links,” apprised Richard King, CEO of J.King & Sons Company, proprietor of the Crown Regency Group.
This Holiday season, two impressive water facilities will take visitors to a new make-believe world. The Marine Aquarium will take guests to the underwater world of marine creatures while the Musical Fountain will give audiences a colorful and relaxing show with its aesthetic display of sound and light designs.Both facilities are in place and, as of press-time, seawater is currently flowing to the oceanarium through a pipeline from Sitio Lugutan’s mangrove park. Access to the tunnels through the Ocean Bar will show that the walkways are longer than those of the Ocean Park; totaling a hundred feet. The underwater spectacle can also be viewed from the restaurant where mermaid shows will soon unfold.
Crown Regency will never stop in giving more fun and adventure surge. Life at the beach will no longer be just about flaunting bikini bodies and fashionable beach apparel. “We will have the most adventurous land and water facilities coming your way starting this December. A forest-like enclave in the Adventure Park in Station 2 will rise with team-building facilities that will provide quality bonding time amongst colleagues and friends. The said adventure park will feature rare animals and species that will take each one to the amazing wild world of flora and fauna. It will also have an amphitheater featuring friendly, trained animals that will entertain guests with their antics. The Adventure Park will also have ATV trails, an aviary housing various birds of prey and a crocodile farm. The all-terrain-vehicle trail weaves around the park grounds. This environment-friendly facility will offer educational shows for children. Dinosaur robotics and a zip-line between the property’s two towers that traverses through a ring of fire will amaze even the most jaded. The topmost floor of each tower will feature restaurants with a 360-degree view of Boracay’s seascape and a skywalk goes around the King’s Crown, the property’s emblem that will be fully illuminated at night. The Convention Center, once completed in 2013 with its multi-purpose function rooms, will accommodate up to 1,600 covers and will have its own spa, gift shop and shopping mall. An indoor firing range will be capable of hosting world shoot competitions. Construction on Phase 2 developments starts this December.”
Once refurbishments are over, the Crown Regency Hotel’s total room inventory, for all three phases when completed, will shoot up to 1,300 from its initial 524 rooms in Phase 1; now being enjoyed by guests at a 70 per cent occupancy rate, mostly Koreans and Taiwanese nationals. The new rooms will have either a garden view or a pool view. Rooms vary in sizes according to the preference of visiting tourists. They may opt for the 34-sq.m. executive deluxe room, choose the 58-sq.m. loft, or go for the 60-sq.m. penthouse with an outdoor Jacuzzi.
“From land, we will bring you to the world of aquatic creatures via the Marine Aquarium. See sharks and other marine denizens, giving one great educational trip by observing without scuba gears. Or, if you want to go underwater, the Aquatrek will get you closer to the underwater creatures as you feed them while they swim and frolic around you. All developments will rise from scratch; from bare land will sprout multiple concepts.”
The first water adventure introduced this year was the Wave Rider, jet streams of water producing current so enthusiasts can surf on the waves. One can also take surfing lessons by accredited instructors from the Philippine Surfing Academy.
“From all these unparalleled facilities, you surely would not leave Boracay without trying to get wet and wild. The island may be surrounded by awesome white sand beaches but the 1,800 square-meter swimming pool will surely be your first choice, especially when the waves are big and storms hit the shorefront. This pool is the largest in the island and which simulates actual waves. It can also produce ‘tsunami waves’ for an amazing surfing experience.”
As Crown Regency is located in a low area, its culvert will easily flash out floodwater that collect and pool, right into their own sewerage system, during rainy weather. Crown Regency has a huge drainage system running throughout the entire 10-hectare property. Most of the old developments have no sewage treatment plants (STPs) and throw their waste directly into the sewerage system.
Guests who want to explore the entire property can ride on golf carts and enjoy the 1-kilometer trail from Phase 1 unto the end of Phase 2 near the back beach area. Summer has ended and some would think the fun and enjoyment had stopped. But Boracay has everything for everyone to have a great time and adventure fun, whether indoors or outdoors, all year round. It’s truly unending and the Crown Regency properties will make it more relaxing as well as thrilling.
“We will continue to build great amenities so that, in the following years, it is not only Boracay who will be recognized but the whole Philippines as well, because of Crown Regency. We will change the way Boracay is enjoyed. It’s won’t just be the beach any longer. It’s going to be a real one-stop-shop entertainment hub for all ages. Our visitors will simply discover the best of life and pleasures. Boracay has not reached its peak yet, it has only started. It’s definitely going to be more fun in the Philippines,” enthused the Crown Regency CEO at the close of our colloquy.
The back beach property, tentatively called Area 51, will soon have 50 villa type buildings fronting the diving & snorkeling area that’s teeming with rich reef life; an exclusive enclave for international travelers who enjoy serene surroundings. If plans push through, the Crown Regency Group will also have their yacht club at one of the points in this beautiful cove in Sitio Bolabog.
Crown Regency Hotels & Resorts is a proud partner and affiliate of Club Ultima and the Interval International; the latter entity affords members access to over 2,800 vacation properties in over a hundred destinations worldwide.
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