Cruisin' on social media
By Chin-Chin Chan Chiu

VPF's first foray into filmmaking delves into the world of online dating. Directed by Ed Lejano, Swipe is the story of eight people who all live in Sunrise Apartments and find solace on the same dating site.

It is the story of Gloria (Ma. Isabel Lopez) and her dalliance with Ted (Alvin Anson), a bogus investor, who swindles her heart and money. She lives with son Jiggy (Noel Coleta), who's into drug trafficking, after being annulled from her husband. It was her best pal Criselda (Madz Nicolas) who discovered Ted's modus operandi.

It is also the story of Janet (Meg Imperial) and husband Edward (Alex Medina) after she relapses into the habit after coming home from rehabilitation, and a short-livex romance with another inmate, Perf. Janet spirals quickly into her former addiction when she suspects of her husband having an affair with an officemate, Grace.

It is also the story of Frank (Gabby Eigenmann), a shoe salesman who has a foot fetish and the hots for waiter-gigolo Josh (Rob Moya), who confess to doing his 'sideline' in preparation for a job in Dubai.

It is also the story of apartment manager Leo (Luis Alandy) and her clandestine affair with lady guard Loida (Mercedes Cabral), a married woman. Soon-to-be sacked fom his post as janitor-handyman, Andres (Rolly Inocencio) is witness to the affair.
Swipe dissects how today's fast-paced lifestyles seek instant love and/or gratification, and mostly from total strangers.


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