Of fashionable footwear and fun-filled forays
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

The white powdery sands of Boracay made the perfect backdrop as Brazilean spokesmodels Amanda Hokedei and Luane Pasinatto, together with Slovak beauty Katarina Nemcova, showed off their flip-flops. The young ladies spent their pre-Holiday weekend in true Brazilian style; reminiscing on past days of the Rio mardi gras.
All three showed everyone how they all had a swell time around the island in their Brazilea footwear. The fun-loving threesome had a blast trekking, horseback riding, playing beach volleyball and sampling the water sports Boracay had to offer.
“Brazilea is definitely for young females like our Brazilea girls. They are made from the highest quality materials which provide the most comfortable fit, while the colorful design range simply means there is a match for every girl's individual style,” shared company CEO Joseph Ong.
Made with materials of the highest quality, Brazilea flip-flops are as sturdy as they are comfortable on your feet; making them the perfect footwear for every activity under the sun. From shorefront to city streets, it will surely be the right pair to wear, giving you both style and function.
“There are very few branded footwear that penetrate the top-brand market. Brazilea has proven to be making good in the middle field. We started testing the market by offering the product unbranded and got good movement so we went ahead labeling it for the mid and high-end market segments. The brand name started as Braziliana but we got into copyright issues so we changed it to Brazilea to get over the quagmire. We originally thought of 'Brasiliera,' a tag that connotes 'Brazilian woman,' but that too didn't work,” Mr. Ong continued.
Whichever style or color young girls may opt for, they can definitely spend the days of Christmas and the Holidays with a different pair of Brazilea each time; and spruce-up every Yuletide get-up with its myriad designs. Coming in hip and vibrant designs, Brazilea is surely the perfect match to every girl's fun-filled lifestyle. Whether enjoying their favorite water sports, lounging on a hammock, or strolling by the beach watching the sunset, having fun around the school campus, or simply walking in the rain, Brazilea flip-flops will cradle every girl's feet in comfort and style.
“We have 24 existing designs plus the additional ones that go out every season. Our target segment is the 13-19 teen bracket so that part of our campaign is to invade the campuses. The product designs are very colorful. Every teenager's on-the-go lifestyle is our guideline in developing designs and bringing them out as fun,” concluded the chief executive.
The many colors and designs of Brazilea are sure to complement every outfit in every girl's wardrobe; including her every mood. From matching sundress and beach hats to their favorite tops and walking shorts that they wear to the mall, there's always a pair that'll go perfectly with every get-up. So go ahead and get every color and desigh that suits your style and fancy. Everyone knows a girl can never have too much of a good thing. Thus, she can never have too many pairs of Brazilea for that matter.
Every gal may even wanna play Santa and spread some Yuletide cheer by giving out a few pairs to friends and distaff members of the family! These ultra-comfortable flip-flops are the perfect footwear for young, carefree, fun-loving and sporty teeners and young adults.
Brazilea promises to be the ultimate footwear for young fashionable girls; catching up with their active and adventurous lifestyle while making sure they always walk in the pinnacle of style. Brazilea flip-flops are available in all SM department stores nationwide.
In this merry Season of Hope, it'll always be good to put every girl's best Brazilea foot forward!


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