SM Supermall's Christmas

An early Season call
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

It's still over a month to Christmas Day, and at least three full weeks to the onset of the Misa de Gallo novena that officially starts the yuletide season, but, this early, SM Supermalls are all spruced-up full-swing in true Holiday fashion. Lanterns and lights deck the outer buildings while giant decors adorn the interiors as well-loved Christmas carols are given a new spin in grand production numbers by a Christmas choir ensemble.
This year, SM Supermall unravels a different Christmas tale in each and every branch. Thus, visiting all of them throughout the Season enables shoppers to complete the Yuletide tale, as envisioned by the retail giant. This Holiday season, ChriSMs is a term for everything Christmas. Just like gift giving, greetings, holiday feasts and and any festive fun, it's a coined word for SM's kind of Christmas.
From that new word came a new carol (see comment). Inspired by the French Can-Can, the new carol is a piece for chorale singing. This 'Christmas Can-Can' is frenetic and pompous in sound and beat; more than grand yet never solemn. Experience the romance of the season by celebrating it the French way.
Launched simultaneously on the same day in the first weekend of November, each branch features a fascinating centerpiece that doubles as 'photo wall' – the big red chair with Santa - so the kids and the entire family can gather around it for photo opportunities. It's like taking to the skies for one amazing joy-ride around the world with Santa in his magical sleigh. Now's also your chance to see Santa and his elves at work in his two-story snow-capped workshop. Let ten Santas brighten up your holidays as they prance around the malls and do a dance showdown. And don't miss out on the 'Soleful Christmas' parade featuring the latest collections from Crocs, Hush Puppies, Timberland and other shoe brands. There's also the Little Drummer Boy in SM North Edsa where you can dance to the rhythm of 23-foot tall mechanical drummer boys and hear modern versions of classic carols. Then there's the tallest tree at the Mall of Asia. See a real candy house made up of favorite childhood treats: lollipops and gingerbread; it's like reliving the Hansel & Gretel tale but sans the witches. Get a close-up view of colorful gingerbread and houses decked with giant candy canes. Enjoy, too, one-of-a-kind spectacles like giant red mushrooms growing from the snow!
Midway in the metro is Megamall's Joyful Kingdom. During the launching ceremonies, a blast of mulit-layered blending, of the SM carol, was spliced with a fun beat that was translated to a fast-paced animated short film – ChriSMs – that expressed the fabulous and dizzying Christmas frenzy at the supermalls. SM partnered with Samsung to make the displays create a more joyful Christmas.
Dr. Seuss had a way with words. Be it the Lorax, the Grinch, a greedy Once-ler or the knittable Thneeds. Include Tolkien's mastery of newfangled creatures like orcs, the Balrogs, the Ungoliant and Lord Gothmog. Not to omit Harry Potter's Gyffindors, Hufflepuffs and Slytherins. The list goes on and on. Each day, our vocabulary expands as new discoveries, new disciplines, new attitudes or new crazies emerge. Thus, this Season, that new word is ChriSMs.
Shoppers can look forward to more exciting holiday events and surprises as they count the days to Christmas. Make this Season all the more exciting and special as you walk your way to the twelve days of Christmas! 'Tis the time to share amazing memories and bond. Shop with a thousand different options and/or dine in a thousand different ways at any of the SM Supermalls nationwide. For more information, simply log-on to or


  1. The ChriSMs Bop

    Let's have happy times, good cheers are here
    Let's have some greetin' and kissin' my dear
    Let's have the Christmas ChriSMs all,
    Shoppin', shoppin', shoppin' at SM malls!

    Santa Clausin', reindeer and sleighin'
    Mistletoein' and tableau playin'
    All that Christmas ChriSMs we do
    SM Supermalling me and you

    All you kiddies both naughty and nice
    Playin', gamin', zillion surprise!
    Toys, candies and ChriSMs for you
    Shoppin', shoppin', shoppin' all fun and new!

    Gifts are here, gifts are there
    One giant spirit everywhere
    Christmas ChriSMs, great big fun
    SM Supermalling and we're not done

    Skatin', snowin', movie screenin'
    Wrappin', rollin', feastin', rushin'
    Christmas ChriSMs, sight and sound
    Shoppin', shoppin', shoppin', round and round!

    Gifts are here, gifts are there
    Great big lovin' everywhere
    Christmas ChriSMs, here to stay
    Shoppin', shoppin', shoppin', SM Supermalling
    Merry Christmas ChriSMs all the way!


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