The mane attraction
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Finesse, the imported range of hair products, embarked on its call center invasion and campaign where hunks and athletes, including Philippine Volcanoes’ Andrew Wolff, visited a number of call center offices to give their BPO agents some tender, loving care. Dubbed “I’ll Take Care of You,” the shampooing series afforded some call center agents the rare chance of having celebrity hunks work on their respective manes.
“Finesse has been brought to the Philippines from the US for 27 years now; carrying its line of shampoo, conditioner and styling aids. We will be touring twenty BPO offices in the next two months; visiting at least two centers per week. This campaign is done for us to reach the fast-growing young market segment; expanding our market in the process,” elucidated senior product manager Aissa Cherryl D. Villacorte, on the new path the brand is taking.
At the TRG Center in Silver City, where we chanced upon the seventh leg of its series of 20 visits, Finesse hunks gladly shampooed more than a hundred heads using Finesse Self-Adjusting shampoo and conditioner.
Imagine a hunk’s pair of strong hands running through your head, massaging your scalp to comfortable relaxation and then washing your hair clean from shower sprays slowly cascading through the strands. Those masculine hands would be stroking every strand, lathering on Finesse Self-Adjusting shampoo & conditioner separately in, mind you, salon-perfect application!
“It’s a humbling experience but I learned something new and I enjoy doing it! Shampooing is a learning-in-the-process thing for me, especially when you do it in a chair like in a salon. It’s totally different when you do it yourself in the bathroom, under the shower,” apprized actor-cum-athlete Andrew Wolff, the new face of Finesse.
As an actor, Andrew was last seen in the top-grossing comedy Praybeyt Benjamin where he plays a baddie. Also an entrepreneur off-cam, Andrew markets Calcium-C and Hikari, a whitening/anti-ageing product from Japan, under his distribution company Optimum Market Strategy Int’l, Inc.
“My business is about logistics and operations, very behind the scenes, while this work I do for Getz is to promote and build rapport with consumers; very front-line. Therein lies the difference,” added Andrew.
Even after first use, your hair suddenly becomes silky smooth and so manageable with just a small application. Finesse is the brand that really takes care of your hair. Its self-adjusting formula enables your disheveled hair to easily fall right back into place. You can even curl parts of your tresses with just your bare hands, while hair’s still a little damp, because of its high level of manageability. What’s more, hair looks shiny and feels equally soft to the touch. The brand promises that you can look your best any other time and place as long as Finesse remains your hair care of choice.
Whatever your hair type, there’s an appropriate Finesse variant for you: Texture Enhancing for normal hair; Moisturizing for dry, coarse or damaged hair; and Volumizing for fine or thin hair.
Finesse Self-Adjusting shampoo, in any variant, is the ‘intelligent’ shampoo. Its self-adjusting formula provides only the nutrients your hair needs, thus preventing shampoo residue build-up that weighs hair down; giving consumers a sustained experience of having consistently beautiful hair with regular use.
“There’s a Finesse product for every hair type that will answer each concern particularly. What makes Finesse unique is its sweet floral scent and soy protein formula. The ‘I’ll Take Care of You’ campaign is simply saying that men will always take care of women, which is our target audience,” Aissa explained further.
Some of the call centers invaded, thus far, included Eperformax, Concentrix, SPI Global, Teletech and TRG Silver City. Aside from enjoying a one-of-a-kind shampoo experience, call center agents also had free styling from Finesse stylists who blow-dried, curled and/or styled their tresses using Finesse styling aids (hairspray and mousse).
The Getz Group, distributors of Finesse, also brings to the country other imported brands like Heinz, Suave, Pyodontil, Floucaril, Nivea and Getz Pharma. They also market the local brand Glad. “Aside from Glad, we distribute mostly imported products and global brands. Our strength has always been with our styling aids. Finesse will be coming up with a new line of products soon. It’s a totally different type of product line with hypo-allergenic features. Finesse is available in 13-oz bottles in other countries, like Dubai, there are 10-oz. bottles. Who knows, Getz might bring that packaging size here in the future,” Aissa said at the end of our conversation.
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