Acer Tech Showcase 2012

An innovative fusion of fashion and function
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

There is no stopping the advancement of technology as Acer continues to deliver innovations to its products and services. At its recent ‘Tech Showcase’ at the ballroom of the Marriot Hotel, the brand presented its awesome portfolio for 2012.
Leading the pack is the Aspire S5 Ultrabook, the world’s thinnest with razor-thin design and lightning –fast speed. An ingenious fashion show presented the range of products and peripherals; drumbeating the fact that today’s gadgets are, in fact, fashion accessories as well.
Plastic-skirted models in neon-colored get-ups aptly presented Acer’s multi-colored palette in its many range and lines. Vibrant as today’s crop of young users and fashion-driven market, Acer meets this demands with dynamism by offering infinite possibilities.
The brand new Acer Z5770 all-in-one PCs add a fun twist to everyday computing. Built with 23-inch full HD screens, graphic intensive entertainment has never been so good. It has a contemporary sleek design with modern tech and serious power.
“Today, we celebrate Acer’s innovation; discovering the unknown to better understand the world we live in. We’ve crossed great distances to challenge what humans know and are yet to discover. From basic computing needs to pioneering the latest technologies, Acer has established the connection between life and technology. It is our brand’s vision to explore beyond the limits,” demurred general manager Manuel Wong during his keynote speech.
Through its varied offerings, Acer provides every modern-day explorer with tools necessary for them to trudge easily between work and social life.
Black-and- white corporate ensembles echo the no-nonsense status of the Travelmate P633 and P243-M, two serious machines for serious business with fast, efficient and reliable computing. This 13.3-inch notebook packs an Intel Core processor to deliver rock-solid performance. Its trusted platform module 1.2 enables robust security while a fiberglass magnesium-aluminum alloy chassis ensures durability. This notebook ‘s relatively small form factor only means it travels well, just like the ever-reliable pantsuits and three-piece mix & match business numbers that populate today’s offices and headquarters. Moreover, its long battery life ensures on-the-road productivity.
Duo-toned, layered ensembles in muted neutrals and earth tones highlight the versatility of the Veriton 6620G S and M series that both afford rock-solid performance with expansion. These 15-liter gadgets support up to three digital displays for viewing multiple windows at once. Intel vPro technology works with active management tech 8.0 to enable remote manageability and robust security. Acer’s personal-type computing would invade the market in the months to come.
Business is made easier with Acer’s bevy of rack servers; always the novel choice fit for enterprises. The Windows small business server 2011 standard gives users an agile solution that is designed with the needs of your small venture in mind. Pleated mini dresses, fatigue-colored Capri pants, triathlon gears and striped asymmetrical mono-kinis presented the short and long of every fiscal undertaking.
Skin-baring designs spoke of the transparency of design and uncomplicated gadget maneuvering. Like telling users that less is more. After all, the latest Intel Xenon processors take all advantages to new heights with up to 80 percent higher performance than the prior generation(s) and even better energy efficiency. Importantly, these processors also include advanced technologies to help solve the storage, networking and security challenges arising in today’s increasingly dynamic environments.
Not one to rest on its laurels, Acer explores beyond the limits with its participation in the Olympic movement for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games and the London 2012 Olympic Games.
To Acer, the world of sports and technology share the same ideals: vision and inspiration, dedication and strength, determination and focus. By joining the Olympic Games, the brand takes its commitment to sport to the very highest level, providing innovative, user-friendly technology that enables sport to express its true excellence and go beyond limits.
“As official computer supplier, Acer is deploying all the computing hardware for the Olympic Games infrastructure. Across the 35 competition venues and 62 operational venues, more than 13,000 desktops and laptops will be used during the games. 350 Acer engineers and technicians will provide 24/7 support during the 17 days of competition for the Acer computing equipment supplied,” shared Mr. Wong.
With its excellent and brilliant performance, and outstanding modern and comfortable design, the new Acer V3 Olympic notebooks are made only to make life easier. Beyond function, beyond fashion; Acer truly delivers.
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