PFW Holiday 2012 Luxe Wear

A daring collection
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Joyce Penas-Pilarsky unfolds her skin-baring designs sporting body-revealing silhouettes cocooned in gossamer fabrics and embellished with her hand-crafted jewelries. Together with distaff designers Vania Romoff and Tina Daniac (as well as 15 others), her new and modern, but nevertheless romantic, bodacious creations still bore her continuing love affair with Mother Nature.
“I want my collections extra special as I desire every wearer to feel sexy and gorgeous,” she gushed moments after curtain call.
The basic concept of her patterns has remained the same, whether in short or long dresses. Sartorial lines, fine fabrics and tasteful details are still what make up her entire trunk.
Joyce’s creations bloom as unexpected flora: from neckpieces grow delicate vines of crystals; hand trinkets burst with a sprinkling of pearls and semi-precious stones; arm bands slither on extremities, not as reptiles about to choke, but as exotic climbers ready to dazzle; and then, quite sedately, one’s bodice glimmers with a well-placed glow from an over-sized handcrafted brooch or pin, bringing to the fore the understated elegance of a formal apparel or lounge wear.
Joyce’s long-time dream of participating in the Philippine Fashion Week (PFW) was fulfilled when she presented her jewelry collection at the Spring-Summer 2009 series. Collaborating with fashion designer John Guarnes, she combined her modeling experience with the gift of artistry to come up with one-of-a-kind organic jewelry that fuses different semi-precious stones, metals and corals often in surprising contrasts. It was Joyce who nurtured John’s inclination for haute couture. She taught him how to sketch as well as on other principles of art.
Joyce debuted as fashion designer in the 2011 PFW Spring-Summer Collection. She broke tradition by presenting highly individualistic designs and body-hugging accessories in gemstones and pearls. She made the dresses “speak” to create drama. She showcased a superb 32-piece floral-inspired collection of resort wear, cocktail dresses and long gowns made luscious by mixing, matching and contrasting specially created fabrics treated with embroidery and patchwork, and embellished by her one-of-a-kind accessory line. She took the spring-summer theme seriously, and seemed to be the only designer in the entire presentation who was bold enough to do so.
Thus, the peculiar Pilarsky spunk continues. This time around, surprising fashionistas, with a flimsy wedding gown as curtain-closer. We look forward for what’s in her future trunk collections, may it be in the coming PFW shows or elsewhere.


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