German label opens inaugural flagship store
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Sennheiser, the German label that has always stood for the highest quality audio products across all areas of sound recording, transmission and reproduction, has opened its doors to audiophiles with the launching of its inaugural flagship store in Metro Manila. Nicely tucked at the 3rd Level of the Virra Mall in Greenhills, the opening event was more than just a store launch. It was Sennheiser’s way of showing its commitment to all Filipino consumers. “We are here to stay. Despite the presence of grey markets, of fakes and convincing imitations, Greenhills is still the biggest hub of electronic sales especially on headphones. Besides, the brand has legal mechanisms put in place to curb piracy,” informed Steven Y. Ang, product manager for Iontech, the nationwide distributor for Sennheiser in the country.
“RP’s growth is seen in absolute numbers as well as market share. And despite the presence of other global players, Sennheiser enjoys the lion share in the audio peripherals market,” he added.
In Asia alone, the brand is being followed closely by audiophiles and music industry experts for the premium and high quality sound that it has always been known to produce.
“We are distinctively smart, pure and original; and that’s what makes us iconic – very self-confident in embodying leadership traits. Moreover, we touch our consumers’ feelings right to the very core. And most importantly, we enrich lives with very functional and genuinely beneficial top-of-the-line audio products.
“Together with our consumer distributor Iontech and our retailer network Digis Trading, we intend to make Sennheiser the top brand in the premium space of the Philippines. By 2015, we plan to grow our market share further. In the pipeline are several plans that include expanding our retail presence further through concept corners by developing our presence in other cities; launching more exciting products to fit the different needs of the market, introducing a loyalty club for audio enthusiasts; and enhancing our after-sales capabilities.
“At Sennheiser, our culture has always been rooted in innovation and exploring what may be possible in the future. We are a brand with a long-standing tradition. For more than six decades, we have been dedicated to creating high-quality sound solutions,” declared Ng Chee Soon, president & managing director of Sennheiser Electronics Asia during an intimate media huddle at the close of the launching program.
“Since our inception, we have always been at the forefront of the innovation of sound and technology. We also have one of the widest ranges of headphones in the market which will appeal to a variety of lifestyles. From travel to sports to home entertainment, and unto the street lines, there is always a Sennheiser product that can cater to your every need.
“We’ve experimented with colors in the past, even colors for women. However, our gender mix right now is predominantly male. But there are still many new things that can be tried in virgin territories like Viernam for instance,” added the company president.
Driven by this spirit, Sennheiser successfully developed its brand rapidly over the past six decades; charging it with emotion and desirability in particular. It started off, simply, as a specialized German manufacturer of professional sound equipment known for its superior product quality and innovation that turned into a global industry player.
“With the launch of our new premium store here in Metro Manila, we ultimately educate our consumers in the Philippines with this very culture we live by. A store creates an environment for users to experience. This has been a part of our education campaign; and a very big and important part of it,” continued the chief executive.
Through time, Sennheiser widened its portfolio while striving for new geographic markets and target groups in order to provide the best sound solutions; not only for professionals but pretty much for everybody.
“With more discerning consumers who are constantly seeking better quality sound, we believe we’ve made the right decision to open up this Sennheiser concept store here in Manila. We have always recognized the potential of the electro-acoustics industry here and we are delighted to provide Sennheiser fans with a space to experience the best of sound.
“The Philippines is a society known for its love of music, whether for audio consumption or live performances. In fact, it has produced many talents on the global stage like Charisse Pempenco and others before her. It is therefore a very natural market to build up.
“We believe that for our consumers, experiencing sound is one that is very personal. In order to appreciate good sound, an overall experience is vital - a good pair of headphones and a comfortable environment. This is why our concept store here and around the world has been designed to look cozy, comfortable and relaxed. We want our consumers to be able to capture the entire Sennheiser sound experience when they visit our store.
"Remaining in constant alignment with this goal, our aim is to provide all our customers with the best sound solutions for their specific needs. If we manage to fulfill this promise, then Sennheiser will succeed as the essential brand for the global sound community. We have co-branding with Adidas on some of our products. As a sports brand, Adidas complements us perfectly; it’s one of the prime considerations when we do tie-ups," Chee Soon concluded.
The launching ceremony was even more momentous to the brand because their first store in the Philippines coincides with Sennheiser Asia’s 20th year of being present in the Far Eastern market. For more information, simply log-on to their Web site,


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