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Getting the Most Out of Life!
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Filipinos, like any other race the world over, give a high premium on health, relationships, family and one’s well-being. In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, health concerns fall into the same category as other basic needs as food and shelter.
Next to life, property rights are given utmost priority by legal mandates. These rights include security of persons in their respective homes and the continuity of their careers ‘til the maturity of their tenures. It’s this balance of work-life and healthy able-bodied existence where each one enjoys life to the hilt.
With all the foregoing, Watsons offers everyone value-for-money products so we all get more out of life.

A Mother’s Undying Love

With the very unpredictable weather patterns plaguing the skies of late, it is important that we guard ourselves against the onset of daily ailments. Staying in tip-top shape has never been easier with the help of Watsons exclusive Health Packs that ensure optimum levels of protection from the daily harsh elements. What’s more, you save up to a 70 per cent of savings when compared to other leading commercial brands. Get your daily doses of vitamins and supplements as well as other over-the-counter medical necessities like Paracetamol and Ascobic Acid (Vit. C) from Watsons health packs. “My family is my life,” confessed celebrity mom Cristine Jacobs-Sandeajs.
Like a stream of flowing water, families are our sources of hope and inspiration. It is the anchor where each member draws strength from. And these close-knit ties are very evident in every Filipino home, with loving mothers making sure her loved ones are taken care of all the time. “Preventive measures are the best medications. At Watson’s you get everything without missing on your daily prescription,” she added.

Familial Ties

Sometimes, despite care and attention, our loved ones over exert their zealousness to bring good to the family. These ‘extra miles’ take their toll on their bodies especially as they grow older. Their once exuberant selves now experience pain and discomfort that needs the intervention of science.
As loving children, it is now our turn to give back to our parents who took care that we achieve what we once nurtured but has now taken shape. Says Miss Universe 2010 runner-up Ma. Venus Raj, “It’s my turn to take care of my Nanay Ester.” Caring for our ageing parents isn’t just showing our love and respect but fulfilling a Biblical commandment that’s written in Moses’ stone tablet. “It’s my chance to give back. Now’s the perfect time for me to take care of my 62-year-old mother. My parents have always been farmers. They plant the rice seeds themselves. I’ve see them doing these while growing up. For people like us, affordable medications mean a lot, especially that the botika (drugstore) is quite far from where we live,” related the beauty queen. Venus is the youngest in a brood of five.
Our loved ones will win over hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol levels) and other common infections with specially-formulated Watsons Compliance packs while we save up to a whopping 80 per cent as against leading pharmaceutical labels.

Love for Oneself

Are you an SMAC club member? If you are, then you enjoy more savings of up to 30 per cent when you purchase featured branded products in packs of 30s. The pre-packed quantities assure that you don’t miss out on your daily supply of healthful supplements so you are on your best each and every day. Only a healthy mind and body can function to its optimum to reach goals and aspirations faster. In the words of Miss Universe Philippines 2010 Ma. Venus Raj, “There is no limit to what I can achieve.”
Like Venus, you too can reach the heights you want to conquer by staying focused and staying healthy all the time.

Spousal Commitment

As head of every family and home, husbands and fathers are partners in home building and not just providers as most are wont to believe. And behind every man’s success is a woman who encourages and inspires. She is every man’s partner in the shaping of a happy home where dreams see fruition.
“Only the best for the one who means the world to me,” demurred Paco Sandejas, loving husband of celebrity host Cristine Jacob-Sandejas.
“Cristine and our five kids are my world. She loves me maybe more than I do. I’m hard to deal with. I’m everything bad and she’s everything good. She takes very good care of us. Or maybe she doesn’t want me to die just yet so I can keep on paying the bills. We share some things in common like sports and health. We run and swim and compete in both,” he chided.
Consumers can head over to any special Buy Generics counters inside every Watsons Pharmacy and save on top quality generic medications made by trusted pharmaceutical companies. “This is the very first time my husband agreed to work with me,” enthused Cristine.
“It was really fun working with my mom and dad. My vitamins are important because I need the energy to do a lot of things like my cheerleading practice and violin lessons,” said the couple’s daughter Gabby.
Watsons Care Global believes that with more value from hard-earned money spent on quality affordable products, every Filipino gets more savings to enjoy the other important things in life with their loved ones.
So now, we can all put value in our respective family’s health with any of Watson’s Real Value offers. For more information, simply log-on to www.watsons.com.


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